How to Reveal Sensitive Info in Your Online Dating Bio

You might wonder what I mean by “sensitive info.” Essentially, it’s any piece of personal information that you feel might culminate in a dating dealbreaker. It’s something a little too heavy to discuss right out of the gate, yet too important not to.

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My sensitive piece of information is that I have a disability. For some guys this isn’t a big deal, but I do live in the real world and recognize that for many guys, it is. For this reason, I’ve become well practiced at including it in my dating profile in a way that still gets me plenty of responses. 

How to Share Sensitive Information

Mention It Early On In Your Profile

Don’t beat around the bush. You don’t have to position it as the very first point, but you should mention it well before the end of your bio. You don’t want to give anyone who’s reading the impression that your sensitive piece of information speaks louder than everything else in your life. At the same time, though, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time by dropping it in at the end.  

If It’s Something You Can Lend Humor To, Do It

This achieves two purposes: it lightens the mood and shows everyone that you aren’t ashamed of whatever issue you might have. I’m not offering a whole load of specific examples because there’s such a varied catalogue of sensitive info out there. If you’re the owner of any of it, you’ll know. In my case, I made a joke about free walker rides. It worked for me. I got about seven dates out of it.

Come Out Strong and Don’t Apologize

The humor approach I just mentioned is an important part of showing your strength. You want to convey that yes, this aspect of my life might not make me the catch that every lady seeks, but I’m a hot piece of action nonetheless. If you execute all these tips well enough, you might even make yourself seem more desirable than those average dudes who have nothing of distinction to include in their profiles. Confidence and originality is sexy!       

Include a Specific question at the End of Your Profile

This is a little trick I employ so that I know when someone has read my entire profile. If they’ve gotten to the end and care enough to answer my question, I know they’re wise to everything I had to say about my disability and still cared to message me. It saves a lot of time and emotional effort to not have to interrupt a nice connection with, “Soooo… you read my profile, right?”

What do you think? Is it a good idea to reveal sensitive info about yourself online, or is it best to leave it until you meet in person? Weigh in with a comment!

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