How to Play the Long Game in Casual Dating

It might not be the easiest time to get into a new relationship. And casual hookups can be even more challenging.

However, there is a still a lot you can do to plan for your own sexual future, so that if there comes a time when things can be free and easy again, you will be bursting out of the gate already at full throttle, as opposed to easing back into things.

Don’t rely on just one woman. Cast more than a few lines.

The secret to having a lot of casual sex is not being able to just go out and pick up ladies in the street, or at bars, or wherever. I mean, if you’re handsome or unusually charming, or have the means to flash a little million dollar shine, or you have an unusual musical talent, you may well find yourself getting women just like that on the fly.

A much more effective way to have a lot of casual sexual possibilities in your rotation is to keep all kinds of women on your back burner. Start to foster relationships with them, which may be friendly, or may be flirty. The point is to keep talking and keep the line tight, but not too tight. Just stay in touch.

You can gradually turn the heat up on any one of these connections. Be a bit flirtier each time you communicate. Offer a video chat. Share your exploits with other ladies with this person to let her know you are dateable.

Put in the effort now to reap the rewards later.

It’s kind of like setting up a long-term savings account for yourself. You are planning for your future. You might not be able to actually see anyone at the moment, for whatever reason, but you can still line up a social calendar for the future by creating connections now that will pay off down the line.

Many people are at home these days, by choice or not, and this includes lots of single people looking for connection or even just a diversion for emotional stability. Provide that, and you will be provided for when you actually get back to meetups and hookups.

Explore different avenues to find your sweet spot.

Lots of people are settling for online eroticism these days. It’s not always easy to get together, but you can still help each other out on the video line. There are so many choices when it comes to finding connections.

You can go the mainstream online dating route if you’re short on funds, or you can splurge and join a niche site if you’re looking for something particular like kinky women or trans ladies. Once you make a connection on a site you, can switch to something a little more intimate like FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

We all need ways to pass the time right now, and that’s it. You have the opportunity to connect with all kinds of different women and have all kinds of fun with them. When it’s time to step out in the sunshine again, you can pick and choose who you really want to meet in person. Take care, stay safe, and have fun, dear readers!

How are you staying connected, or making new connections? Please share in the comments!

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