How to Increase Your Chances of Hooking Up with Her Again

Want to turn a one-night stand into ongoing casual encounters? Follow these easy rules to make it happen.

Don’t talk about other women.

There are times when another partner or an ex is going to come up in conversation, and that’s fine, but there’s no need to constantly remind your date about other women you’re fucking or compare the sex or her body to the others.

Sometimes guys want to brag that other chicks find them hot, but trying to create competition over you will backfire. We are fully aware that on hookup dating sites, our partners for casual sex are seeing other women. If you’re thinking of those women when you’re with us, what’s the point?

Do pay attention to her.

It doesn’t matter how hot you are or how good you are in bed. If you’re constantly distracted or paying more attention to yourself or failing to notice how amazing it is that we’re with you, there’s not going to be much chance for a repeat.

Show your appreciation. Women love it when you notice our hairstyle, or when you tell us how whatever we’re doing makes you feel.

Don’t be impersonal.

Some guys get confused about making things personal, mistakenly assuming casual encounters aren’t personal—they are. She’s a unique person, not just a masturbation outlet, and so are you.

It can be anonymous with no strings attached, but you’re still two real people with names. Treat her like a human being, from the beginning to end of your date, even if you aren’t sure you’ll ever see her again.

Do be a generous lover.

The greatest lovers know that the key is giving pleasure, not taking it. When we masturbate at home alone, it’s all about getting off and giving ourselves pleasure. If that’s all you need, then why bother dating?

Even the most casual sex is still about giving pleasure. That’s the highest form of receiving pleasure, and if you don’t know that already, become mindful of how much hotter sex is when you’re driving her wild.

Don’t assume you know how to please her.

Women aren’t interchangeable, so in your desire to be generous, don’t assume you know what turns her on or brings her pleasure.

Yes, most women love kissing, for example, but did you know many women don’t enjoy heavy mouth action during casual hookups? It’s too emotional and intimate for some of us to want to share with someone we aren’t involved with.

Don’t assume the oral sex style you gave to your ex-wife is what your date tonight wants. Pay attention—when she moves her head away or relaxes into a technique, take those cues and follow them. Don’t insist on your way, but on hers.

Do ask her what she likes.

It can be difficult even for Romeos to find clues that will show them the way to a woman’s deepest pleasures. If you aren’t sure how to interpret her sighs or lack thereof, ask her.

Try an either/or question rather than a yes or no one for best results. “Does this feel good?” might get a “yes” but you can get more specific by asking something like, “Do you prefer this stroke, or this one?”

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