How to Date Up a Level

You see it all the time. Women “dating down” a level. I’m talking about the looks department here. You know that ridiculously hot female friend you’ve known for years, the one who is always with some guy that just doesn’t seem to measure up. You can’t understand it, but it gives you hope. And it should. For women it’s never all about the looks, and men should take advantage of this reality.

When you see or know a girl that is dating a guy and you can’t understand her attraction, take a closer look. And if you know her well, you can simply ask her what she finds so great about her man.

If you’re still baffled on how an average looking dude lands a hot babe, here’s a little insight that will help you do the same.

You might not think you’re all that, but if you act like it, other people believe it. If you don’t think you deserve to be with a hottie, then guess what, she won’t either.

Be smooth and don’t let her know it’s all you think about, even though it’s hard because she’s so beautiful. Be good at what you do. Finding a guy that is good in bed is difficult. Know what women want and like in bed. Sexual prowess minimizes other shortcomings.

A woman wants you to be her man and her best friend. If she feels she can talk to you about everything then you’ll be filling two roles, not just one. She’ll know she can count on you the same way she does her girlfriends.

A man who has a creative passion attracts women in droves. Think of all the musicians, artists, writers, and actors who score hot babes. And you don’t have to be famous or rich. It’s the intensity for a craft that women go crazy for. So if you don’t have a creative interest, you may think of picking one up on your way to picking up the girl.

A man who is close to his family is very attractive to a woman, but too much is a turn off. If you’re still tied to your mother’s apron, grow up and cut the strings. A genuine closeness to family members shows a woman your soft side. And displaying an interest in getting to know her relatives is a definite plus.

Take this advice and go for that babe you’ve had your eye on!


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