Pick Up Lines that Work

Pick up lines have a bad rap because most are cliché and cheesy and because women don’t usually don’t fall for them. How about this one:

“I bought a new shirt. Feel it. You know what that is? Boyfriend material.” or “Do you work at the post office because I caught you checking out my package.”

The first one had me laughing out loud. When a guy makes me laugh I can’t help but feel a little charmed, so . . . don’t throw out all the not-so-subtle remarks you’ve stored up, but think about lines that will get her attention and not potentially turn her off.

You may use the following lines without even thinking about it, but here’s a reminder of what a woman will acknowledge and respond to – things to say that won’t have you wondering if you’ll get a laugh or a slap in the face.

“Is this seat taken?” Gentlemanly and direct. You instantly say you’re interested in getting to know her without revealing any sexual intent.

“Not to sound forward, but you are very sexy.” Acknowledging her physical appeal won’t go unnoticed. Every woman wants to hear this.”

“I knew there was a reason I came out alone tonight.” Women like to believe in fate and destiny and like to think men do too.

“Let me guess your sign.” Okay, this is borderline cheese, and you may know nothing about astrology, but it can be a fun game that gets her talking.”

Silence can be the best pick up line ever if used with the right body language. Connect with flirty eye contact without ogling, or slip the bartender a bill for her next drink.

I’m not saying these lines will get her into bed, but they are the first step on the pathway there. As you proceed consider  touching and flirting tips from our Art of the One Night Stand series.

Guys: What has been your most effective pick up line? Worst?

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