How Average Joe Gets Laid Every Week

How does he do it? At forty, Average Joe is getting laid by at least two different babes a week. He has multiple lovers because all the girls come back for repeat performances. He has to keep an actual appointment calendar just for his dating life.

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Joe is a self-described average guy. He’s on the short side of things and has a bit of middle-age spread going on. He’s in okay shape, but not ripped. He wears jeans and sneakers. He has glasses. He has nice eyes. His butt is pretty cute. He’s a custodian, not a doctor or CEO, so he’s not flashing the cash.

How does he do it? Why does every woman he dates want more?

You’re waiting for a big reveal, something earth shattering—a pheromone perfume, perhaps, or a freaky benefit like a six-inch long tongue.

Sorry to disappoint but Joe’s secret is mundane. It’s so simple that you, too, can reap the rewards of a constant supply of naked women, all of whom call back later.

Joe gives women exactly what they want: Attention.

The number one thing women want, the thing before gold and diamonds, cunnilingus, hard muscles, babies, or marriage—attention.

Repeat after me: attention is the number one thing a woman wants, needs and deserves. Always.

Think about the attention women who you date give to you. She calls every day? She gives you surprise blow jobs? She leaves corny poems under your pillow or notes in your lunchbox?The exact amount of attention that she gives is the perfect parallel for the amount she wants and needs.

So pay attention! Listen to her when you talk on the phone—no “hmm”s or “a-hum”s that give the pretence of listening when you’re actually watching the game. If you’re busy, say so, and call her when you’re done and ready to listen.

Never forget that men and women are different. Women want, need and deserve your attention.

Pay attention and notice and point out what she’s wearing. Listen when she’s talking. Take her seriously. She doesn’t want to ask or compete for your attention, and if she is, it’s because she’s not getting it in the first place.

Many men will say, “Guys need space. That’s a man’s need that we want and deserve.”

You’ll get more space and less cling when you pay attention in the first place. She won’t need to seek assurance if she’s already getting it.

We need attention in bed, too. More important than a big dick or a ripped six pack is unhurried attention to our bodies with your hands, mouth, and cock.

Joe always listens when a woman talks. Even though his lovers know he’s dating many women, they don’t mind, because he’s not scoping other women out or texting them while on a date with someone else. Because he listens, he remembers that Sally loves red lingerie and votes Green. Because he stops working on his car or turns the TV down when he talks on the phone with Angeline, he remembers that it’s her son’s birthday or that she’s getting a promotion at work on Friday.

Because he makes sex all about her, he’s never short of all the tits and ass he’ll ever need.

How do I know Joe’s not just making it up? Because I’m one of his girls.

I date hot stripper chicks, rock singers, and super sexy Spanish doctors. Poets. Wrestlers. Boxers. And a hot as hell twenty-two-year-old landscaper.

But there’s something about Joe.

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