Dating Taller Women & Where to Meet a Tall Woman

Even though tall women often have a tough time finding lovers, it’s not always easy for a man who appreciates taller ladies to attract one. Tall women are often, ironically enough, wary of men who are shorter than they are, in part because they worry that such men have fetishized them, and that the interest is pure sexual deviancy, rather than a simple preference or attraction.

Luckily, there are dating sites out there that greatly simplify the search for taller women and that are specifically geared toward pairing such women with men who aren’t intimidated or turned off by having to gaze upward to look their partner in the eye.

One of the best of these tall women-specific dating sites is the appropriately named DateTallWomen. Exclusively dedicated to ladies who are quite a bit taller than average, the site is designed to make tall women feel comfortable while encouraging them to open up sexually, and to express their own desires and fantasies freely in their profiles.

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Naturally, not all of the site’s female members are looking for a man who is shorter; some openly say they are in search of very tall men – someone who can make them feel a bit dainty for change, perhaps. The presence of such profiles shouldn’t deter shorter guys from exploring the site, however; there are even more women on there who prefer dating men shorter than themselves.

Of course, once you’ve landed a taller woman as a lover, there are certain sexual logistics that you will need to iron out – particularly if you like more adventurous sexual positions that involve holding your partner upside-down to perform a 69, for example. But overcoming such challenges is half the fun, sexually speaking, of dating a taller woman. After all, if you can’t have fun trying to work out a way to effectively work around height differences during sex, what the heck are you seeking out taller women for in the first place, right?

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