Damage Control Tips for Casual Hookups

You went on your dating site late last night and met a hot and horny housewife online who wants a no-strings-attached hookup. What could possibly go wrong?

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Well, okay, since you asked: accidents, falling in love, being stalked, pregnancy, gonorrhoea, her husband coming home earlyo name a few!

You don’t want to dwell on the negative, but you should arm yourself with a realistic outlook and awareness of potential trouble. Preparedness helps prevent or lessen any potential pitfalls.

Open lines of communication.

When we’re looking for casual encounters, we might not ask as many questions as we need to. Looking for a long-term relationship means finding out more about a person, and it’s not appropriate to demand the same quality and quantity of information when the whole point is sex, not getting to know each other.

But you still have the right, AND the responsibility, to ask questions that will help both you and her avoid fallout.

For example, if she’s married, don’t take her word for it that he’s not the jealous type. Hooking up in his home might not be the smartest move.

Show up with condoms and lube. Every single time.

I’d like to say women never lie about being on the pill, but some do. Maybe they secretly want to get pregnant, maybe they get a sick kick from the risk of roulette, or maybe they prefer how sex feels without condoms and are willing to take that risk.

I’d like to think no women have gonorrhoea or herpes or crabs. But we do. And we can have them without knowing, with no symptoms.

Just because you think it’s unlikely you’ll get HIV from unprotected sex doesn’t mean you won’t catch one of these other lovely treats.

Pretending STDs don’t exist is stupid. We are grown adults and know sex can have consequences. It’s no different from doing the sleeve sneeze, because we don’t want to infect others with ANY kind of virus or bacteria.

Be wary about casual encounters at your home.

A woman’s safety is, of course, your number one concern at all times.

But consider the possibilities that could arise if you happen to hook up with someone who falls for you, is a little imbalanced, or who reads the whole thing wrong?

Sometimes women act irrationally and sometimes they become dangerous. A friend of mine had to move after a year of having strange stuff left on his lawn and weird symbols painted on his windows. Worse, he didn’t know which of the jilted ladies it was because he’d had quite a few dates over.

This kind of thing is rare, but if there are any warning signs when you’re messaging each other—exaggerated tales of evil ex-boyfriends, an extra inflammatory tone of bitterness, the fact that she was recently in jail or a psychiatric ward—consider not meeting up at all.

If you’re willing to take your chances for a night, or believe that even bad girls need love too, then go to a hotel!

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