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10 Traits in Men that Women Find Unattractive

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Do you meet a lot of women online and have no problem getting their attention? Do you go on a lot of first dates but rarely get that all important second one? What gives, you ask?

Apart from being tactless, arrogant and inconsiderate, there are many behaviours or personality traits that almost all women find unattractive. If more than a couple of these are present on a first date, chances are you’ve made a bad first impression. Her instinct will be to either let you down gently or worse, ignore you.

Unattractive Qualities

1. Bad Hygiene – when you’re single, it’s okay to let yourself go a little. But once you get back out there, it’s time to clean up your act. You want to not only look good, but smell good, too. B.O. and bad breath will not get you a second date.

2. Seriousness – number one quality women are attracted to: sense of humour! If you can make a girl laugh, she’ll overlook some of your minor faults, no joke!

3. Irresponsibility – women like a take-charge kind of guy, someone they can count on.

4. Apathy – be a man of purpose. Have a direction and know where your’e going in life and how you’re going to get there.

5. Anger Issues – If a woman sees a glimmer of a temper on a first date, it will scare her off. If you have this problem, go deal with it.

6. Weird Habits – some idiosyncrasies are cute, but don’t feel so comfortable on a first date that you behave the way you do when you’re alone or with the guys.

7. Insecurities – show her that you’re worth a second date by acting confidently: smile, compliment, and keep the self-deprecating comments to a minimum.

8. Passionless – a wishy-washy attitude is so blah to be around. Feeling a fire about something (work or interest) is contagious and engaging.

9. Immaturity – a woman wants a lover not a little boy to take care of. That said, always make sure to have fun, especially on a first date!

10. Chronic Lateness – be on time for a date, or call if you’re going to be late. A woman wants to know she’s worth your time.

Ladies, anything I missed that turns you off?

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