7 Places to Meet Up: Forget the Coffee Shop

Cute Couple Bowling on their first date

We’ve all been there – done that. The coffee shop is the easiest place to meetup with a prospective honey you’ve discovered online, but c’mon. It’s also the most unimaginative, unsexy, unfun place I can think of. And everyone there knows you’re meeting for the first time, just look around. I also don’t like this location because it focuses too much on conversation, (which is important) instead of building a relaxed environment that may lead to intimacy. Here are seven suggestions for places to meet the first time. Take cues from her profile and emails to help you decide.

1. Bowling
This is for the retro old schoolers out there. Super casual fun is to be had in the lanes. Enjoy some beer and finger foods while engaging in friendly competition. There is also a chance to start some physical interaction – a pat on the shoulder or a high five.

2. Nature Trail
Outdoorsy people will enjoy walking while talking about their immediate surroundings which takes the pressure off to speak about oneself continuously.

3. Mini Putt/Driving Range
You don’t have to like golf to enjoy either of these activities. If you sense your date is still a kid a heart this would be a great place to meetup. The driving range will get those endorphins pumping.

4. Art Gallery
Perhaps an opening in a small town gallery or an exhibit in the big city. Creatives will love touring about and sharing their opinions and tastes.

5. Bar – Live Band/DJ
Nothing too heavy or loud because you still want to connect through conversation. If she likes the same type of music and/or dancing this is perfect venue to let loose and enjoy some physical interaction.

6. Tourist Attraction
No one ever checks out the tourist traps in their own city so why not try role playing. Choose a place you can discover together and pretend you’re out-of-towners. This is my pick for the adventurous goofball types.

7. Pinball/Arcade
If you missed the 80s the first time, now’s your chance to discover one of the best retro resurgences. Vintage video games and pinball machines are popping up everywhere. For the young at heart who enjoy a little playful competition this might be the perfect spot to get acquainted.

Believe me, if your date recognizes you put a little effort into planning, your chances of getting lucky go way up. Do you have a different spot you like to meet for the first time?

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