Advantages of Dating Bad Boys

What can I say: I’m what “they” call a Bad-Boy. They accuse us of shattering dreams (which is way over-dramatic, in my opinion) and leaving a trail of broken hearts in our wake (beyond our control, I say). Are we worth it?

You bet your horny ass we are!

Look, Bad-Boys don’t intend to get anyone in trouble, or break up marriages/relationships, or trawl for victims, or whatever. Like everyone else, we just want action. And in my experience it’s our non-commitment that lures women to us—consciously or otherwise—in the first place.

And I apologize for nothing:

1. The sex is awesome. Simple as that.

2. The non-commitment is right outta fantasy-land, whether you consider it to be within your better judgment or not. Some guy, outta nowhere, hot’n’bothered, just passing through—think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure.

3. Bad-Boys have an attractive rebel cache: you can’t help but fall for a “James Dean”, even though you’ll never get to bring him home to meet your parents. (Chances are he won’t wanna get to know your friends, either. Sorry about that.)

4. Step out of your comfort zone and learn something new! Chances are he’s seen more and experienced more. Soak it up, and keep it with you long after he leaves you by the wayside (that sounds worse than it is, I promise). You’ll subsequently have a few tricks in your pocket to shock that Nice-Boy you just started dating.

5. Have I mentioned the sex is awesome?

6. If you’re only going to have one secret affair in your life, just to see what it’s like, why not do it with someone who knows his stuff—and won’t be around in the morning? That’s what makes us bad! Take advantage of it!

7. You’ll regret not grabbing your chance to fuck around with a Bad-Boy. Live without regret.

8. You’ll cherish the memory forever, especially if it’s a one-time-only tryst. You’ll still be masturbating in your walker-years, I guarantee it!

But, seriously: focus on #1 and #5.

Gotta run!

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