5 Things She Wants to Know before a Hookup

When I go out with a new guy, I always pay attention to the subtle things that show me whether or not he’s going to treat me well. Does he respect me? Does he respect himself? Am I going to have to take out a restraining order?

Here’s what your date wants to know before she goes home with you. Think of your track record with the ladies. Could some of these things be holding you back? If so, you can change that. All it takes is a little work. If you think you can fake it, think again.

Your Expectations

The first thing she’ll try to figure is what you want from her. She’ll know if you want to bone her, that’s a given. Beyond that, she’ll probably wonder: Is this a one-time deal? Will he think I’m his girlfriend now? Am I expected to become someone’s sister wife? Will I have to block his number after six month’s-worth of unsolicited dick pics and sad-face emojis?

Your Attitude Towards Women

If she’s anything like me, your date will likely analyse your conversations to determine if: A) You think of her as your equal. “We’re just two consenting adults about to have a little fun.” B) You consider her to be a less expensive alternative to those new sex robots you read about. “She’s not as hot as the Fuck-o-Tron 1000, but I guess she’ll do.” C) You damn her to hell for being a temptress and a jezebel. “Lord have mercy on your soul, missy!”

How You Handle Disappointment

When things go awry, she’ll notice your reactions. She’ll assess things like your maturity level and your ability to go with the flow. If the waiter mixes up your drink order and you accuse him of being a fuck-faced moron, she’ll take note. Sometimes things don’t go as planned between the sheets, and she’ll need to know if you can handle that. If she doesn’t cum, are you going to get defensive? If you don’t cum, are you going to cry? (I’ve seen it happen.)

Your Ability to Be Discreet

How do you talk about the other women you’ve slept with? Are you respectful, or do you share a lot of really personal details with little to no regard for their privacy? Some women won’t necessarily care about how much you share, but others will consider it a red flag. Aside from how much you reveal about the details of your sex life, your date will notice how you talk about your friends, family and work acquaintances too.

The Results of Your Latest STI Test

She might not feel bold enough to come right out and ask you about this, but I can pretty much guarantee she’ll want to know, so get used to talking about sexual health openly. If you have a lot of casual sex with different partners, it’s a good idea to get tested regularly. From my experience, a guy who is threatened by my asking probably has something to hide. Don’t make her wonder if she’ll need antibiotics after your casual night of fun.

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