5 Reasons to Date a Transgender Woman

Would you date a transgender woman? Would you have sex with a girl who wasn’t born that way? A lot of straight men are inclusively attracted to transgender women, and some are uniquely attracted to them.

You may have noticed that transgender porn is very popular on your favorite sites. You may have simply not had an encounter with a trans woman you felt attracted to, or maybe you haven’t met a transgender woman at all.

If you did and felt attracted to her, would you ask her out? If she messages you on a hookup dating site, there are lots of good reasons to give it a go.

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5 Reasons to Date a Trans Woman

1. Transgender Women Are Women

As we learn more about human rights, and transgender science, the medical and psychological literature is changing. Transgenderism is no longer considered a mental illness, and human rights are aligning to accord with how a person identifies. The stigma attached to dating someone who doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes is greatly reduced.

More and more people, companies, associations, doctors, churches, and human rights advocates recognize the fact that transgender people are not that much different from cis people and deserve the same rights. Trans women are women, period.

2. Straight Guys Date Transgender Women

Yes, trans folks date all kinds of people, depending on their orientations—some go for other women, some go for other transgender people, and some are open. But as with the general population, the vast majority of women date men. Women date straight men, not gay men, by the way.

3. Transgender Women Are Hot

Whether a girl is hot or sexy is not the only factor to consider when dating—a lot of reasons exist for why we connect with the opposite sex, even when it comes to casual hookups and flings. But of course, hotness is a major reason why we look twice at a person or choose them for a date or sex.

Transgender women come in all shapes and sizes like anyone else, but given their background as superheroes fending off threats from a cruel society, they often have a certain panache and attitude that is very appealing. Spending part of their life in the wrong body means some trans women pay careful attention to the details of being female.

4. You Aren’t a Douche

Yes, that’s a reason why guys are open to dating trans women.

That’s not to say that you have to go out of your way to find one—that’s objectification, also douchey. And it’s not to say that you have to consider someone attractive just because she happens to be trans. But if you have a blanket rule of exclusion, that’s no different than not dating people who are a certain race or ethnicity.

5. Transgender Women Can Make You See the World Differently

Dating new people opens our world. Enjoying the connection of sex with interesting, beautiful people of all sorts has enriched my life in a million ways. When we share dating and sex, we get close to people and experience their world, body, and soul.

Transgender women are superheroes, as I mentioned above, with inspirational stories galore. They face a lot of discrimination and pain, and still rise above it all. Being different has given them a perspective that we can learn a lot from as friends, yes, but also as lovers.

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