Signs You’re Too Picky to Get Laid

Do you find yourself lamenting that there just aren’t enough “quality women” out there? Do you hold in your mind’s eye the vision of a perfect female specimen? Are you convinced that you might meet her one day and that, until then, no one else will do?

I hate to say it, but if you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re being too picky and probably won’t get laid any time soon. Here are some signs of your impending pick-induced dry spell.

You Regularly Turn Down Second Dates

It’s healthy to turn down a second date if the chemistry isn’t there, or you each want different things. It’s not so healthy to call it quits because your date doesn’t conform to your very specific vision of perfection.

No woman is ever going to live up to your imagination. Conjuring up thoughts of your perfect match, then expecting to find her in real life is like dreaming you can fly, then jumping off a cliff the next morning. Try to keep an open mind and stay in the moment when you’re meeting someone new.

You Meticulously Compare your Dates Against Their Profiles

It’s one thing to end a date early because you’ve been legitimately kitten-fished, it’s another to reject your date because her hair is a darker shade of blonde than it is in her profile pic. People tend to accentuate their strengths and minimize their weaknesses in the online dating arena.

Is your profile perfectly accurate? Are you really as adventurous—or laid back—as you claim to be? If so, you wouldn’t get all worked up over a slight discrepancy in your date’s appearance. Forget all the time you spent masturbating to her profile pic—reality is now.

You’re a 6, but You Expect to Attract a 10

Are you a porn star, or a model? No? Then what makes you think you’re entitled to someone who looks like one? Women come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to increase your chances of getting laid, expand your dating palette!

Look beyond the profile pic. Put some time and effort into actually reading women’s profiles. Look for someone with similar interests, or a cool job that you would like to ask her about. Set aside your physical definition of beauty for one that is more holistic and you will discover that there are a lot more options out there for you.

You Pick Your Dates Apart

She’s five pounds overweight. She laughs too loud. She didn’t sleep with me on the first date, so she must be frigid. She did sleep with me on the first date, so she’s clearly a slut. If thoughts like this routinely pass through your mind, then you sir, are too picky.

Why do you hold the women you date up to such rigorous standards? Do you really want to meet someone? Do you really want to be happy, or do you secretly feel that you deserve to live a life of sexless solitude? Maybe it’s time you picked yourself apart, hmmm?

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