Trans Dating Sites: Find Transgender Partners Now

Eager to connect with transgender women, but not sure how to get started?

For men looking for new trans partners, I recommend the ease of trans dating sites. They’re a good way to start out slowly, and it’s fun to see profiles of all the local trans women seeking men.

Most dating sites for transgender people and their admirers are geared towards casual encounters. These sites are very popular, and sometimes a hook up can lead to something more lasting. For those who consider themselves to be on the kinkier side of things, I’ve included an option for you as well.

Disclosure: I’ve tested the following sites, and am still active at Once I know a site is the real thing, I may use links that earn a small commission if someone chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra for our readers, just helps to keep our little hookup blog going.

Top Dating Sites for Trans Admirers


If you’re looking for the busiest and most full-featured trans dating site, then head to They offer all you could ever need, with offerings not found on mainstream sites. Enjoy live video chat, video introductions, interest and location-based chat rooms, contests, and more.

Features aside, the reason TSmeet is my number one choice for those seeking trans partners is simply it’s size. There are millions and millions of members at this worldwide site, making it easy to find local transgender dates. Note that they are part of a network owned by, which is how they’ve amassed such a huge following and active community.

As I mentioned above, there is nudity at TSmeet and lots of it. The site is popular with people who love to show off, and voyeurs can enjoy an eye-full every time they log in. If you are wondering why they don’t offer an app, it’s because the profile pics are too sexy for the app stores. No matter, their web app works on both desktop and mobile.

Find Local Trans Women at Now


TS Dating is my second choice for guys looking for trans women, although it’s a step down from TSmeet once you’ve tried the whole video experience. Nonetheless, has been around a long time and what they lack in features and size, they make up for with a community that is more tightly focused on transgender dating specifically. All members at TS Dating are either trans or a trans admirer, whereas TSmeet is open to everyone but features the trans profiles above others.

I think this site is worth checking out, at least to see how many transgender women near you are using the service. You should be aware that it’s popularity is concentrated in the US, so if you live elsewhere then definitely stick with TSmeet which is worldwide.

Best Site for Meeting Kinky Trans Women


If you like your trans hookups with a side of kink, head to one of the naughtiest dating sites out there. Alt is the largest hookup site for lovers of BDSM, kink, and fetish, and has been around long enough to develop a huge following and amazing video features.

The beauty of using for kinky trans dating, is that it’s such kink-positive community and all genders and orientations are welcome. This is why they’ve become the go-to site for kinky transwomen. There are plenty of transgender women seeking BDSM play partners, and this is the place to find them.

4 Tips for Best Trans Dating Site Results

  1. Complete a thoughtful profile to attract the best partners.
    Once you’ve joined the site of your choice, you’ll want to dive into finding a trans lady right away. Let me suggest that you take some time to complete your profile first. When transgender babes see that you’ve visited their profile, they’ll come to check you out. Give them some interesting tidbits about who you are, fill everything out fully, and don’t forget to add a picture or two.
  2. Know what you want and be clear about it.
    When you’re direct about the relationship or encounter that you desire, you will discover that many more messages come your way. This is because people are often unsure about writing to someone if it’s not clear what they are looking for. Don’t worry about turning off potential mates. Instead, you will notice that the people that do contact you are better matches and on the same page. You can specify things right in your headline even, such as a preference for pre-op lovers or kinks you enjoy.
  3. Enjoy all the offerings and participate often.
    With most TS hookup sites, the more you login and enjoy the features, the more your profile will be exposed to others. This is easy to do at a site rich with video features like Take a look around, try out the chat rooms, comment on transgender blogs, join or start a group. Have fun and discover additional ways to connect beyond profile-hunting.
  4. Always write a personalized message.
    You’ve created a kick-ass profile, played around, and found more than a few gorgeous trans women who live in the same city. Now is the most important moment, because for better or worse the first message you send is critical in determining whether you will actually meet up. Never ever copy and paste a message, and forget casual one-liners that take no effort. Instead, read her words with attention to detail, and put together a message that incorporates something specific about their interests, sense of humour, whatever. The point is to make the message about her, and show genuine interest. Most guys don’t do this, so your message will rise to the top of her list.

Good luck and enjoy! xo Lola

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