What Interests and Skills Impress Women?

Q: Dear Holly. I’m seeking women for hookups, maybe something more if we’re a good fit. I’m somewhat sheltered in that I don’t go out a lot. I’m a serious gamer and spend a lot of time on my computer, playing with people around the world. A female friend recently said I need more interests that will attract women. What do you think? What are women into? – Scott

A: Hi Scott. First of all if you’re only looking for casual sex (possibly more), I suggest using sites that cater to casual encounters. Online dating is perfect for a homebody like yourself because you can chill in your environment while browsing profiles to find suitable matches.

You can also take your time to write a profile that stands out, as well as craft personalized first messages that grab a woman’s attention.

If you do spend a lot of time gaming, you may need to brush up on your offline social skills. This might mean going out to bars, the gym, joining clubs… really just anything that promotes interpersonal interactions. Stimulating conversation on a first date always helps if you’re trying to get laid.

If your friend thinks you need more interests, then take her advice seriously. It’s difficult to paint broad strokes and say “what women are into” because we all have our individual turn ons, but I will give you a few skills or interests that impress most ladies.

Working with your hands. And, no, I don’t mean keyboards and joysticks. I’m talking about building and creating. The handyman is dying, so having the know-how to construct or fix things is super sexy.

Playing an instrument. You don’t have to be a virtuoso to impress a woman. Even if you’re just taking lessons or teaching yourself through YouTube videos, we will still think that’s cool.

Cooking and baking. Men who can prepare a delicious meal or dessert always earn extra brownie points from women. If this means taking a night class at your local high school, it’s worth it.

Creating art. Do you like sketching or painting or writing? Artistic endeavors are hot because they often show off the softer, more sensitive side of a man. It doesn’t need to be a traditional art either, but something very specific to you.

Engaging in physical pursuits. Sitting on the couch playing video games for hours isn’t interesting or attractive to a woman who isn’t a gamer, but watching a man throwing a baseball, running a marathon, or even just making a smoothie is. We want a man who cares about his health and body, and that can take many forms.

Explore what you have a genuine interest in, and you will find yourself more attractive to women. If you do want something more than a fling, look for women who share your interests.

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