Hookup Help: Married Man Looking for No-Strings Sex

Q: Dear Jenny. How can I find a woman who just wants sex and no relationship? I am married and just need something different once in a while. – Tony

A: Hi Tony. As someone who flirts with the polyamorous lifestyle, I can understand your interest in branching out from a primary partner. I don’t know if your wife is in the loop with your intentions, but perhaps she’s feeling the same. I meet more and more couples who are married who open up their relationship to secondary partners, find a third for a threesome, or “allow” one another to have a fling here and there. Of course, there must be a strong level of trust for this to work. If this is something you want to do without your wife knowing, you’ll have a harder time of it.

On the upside, there are plenty of women, like myself, who look for and find no-strings relationships. So how can you find such a woman? Adult dating sites (geared towards sexual relationships rather than romantic ones are your best bet). With this, you can explore online first and explain your needs before you meet in person. There are plenty of women in committed relationships on these sites who are looking for the same thing you are. These women will completely understand your need for discretion (if that’s your situation). And you won’t have to worry about her falling in love with you if she’s already in a committed relationship.

There are other factors to consider. Do you live in a small town and travel for recreation or business? Vacation sex is not that hard to find. And if you’re younger, you’ll find cougars are often looking for sex-only relationships. Escorts are another option. Money for sex guarantees discretion, that feelings are not involved, and that you get what you pay for. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but an avenue to what you want, for sure.

We’re living in a hookup culture, where more and more individuals are looking for and enjoying sex-only relationships. It’s not that hard to find someone who has no interest in getting serious, especially with online dating sites at our fingertips.

Readers: Do you find it easy to find a woman who wants no-strings sex?

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