Hooking Up Often Requires Keeping a Tight Schedule

Hooking up doesn’t just have to mean once a fortnight, if the potential dates are all flocking in at once why should you have to turn some down? You can have more than one date a week, and even more than one date a day. This means that hooking up often requires keeping a tight schedule. Don’t get your Sallys mixed up with your Saras, or your Marks mixed up with your Mikes.

If you’re planning more than one date in a day, make sure you give yourself a reasonable time scale. Back-to-back dates won’t work. You can hardly say, “Sorry, we need to start wrapping things up now. I have another date in 5 minutes.” You need to give each date a chance and see where it progresses.

Stake your bets. If you know that it’s a date which won’t get you very far, perhaps a first meeting date, make it for brunch or lunchtime. If you think you have a chance of making it back to the bedroom then put it in the evening and see if you make it through until Breakfast.

Make sure you have a chance to freshen up before the next hookup. Arriving smelling of someone else’s fragrance will instantly turn the date a bit sour. Also watch out for smudged lipstick if you managed to get that kiss.

Always check who it is you’re hooking up with. You may think you remember your last conversation with your date, but they’re so easy to get mixed up when you’re talking to a lot of people. Have a quick flick through your last conversation with them on your phone and use it to start a conversation. Mentioning how you’re sorry Sam’s goldfish died when actually it was Harper’s will not get you in the good books.

Lastly, relax. Just because you are keeping a tight schedule doesn’t mean that you have to be uptight, that’s not the point in hooking up. Have fun!

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