You Have More than One Soul Mate

Some people doom themselves to believe “there’s no one out there” for them. That a relationship just isn’t in the cards. Not attractive enough. Boring job. Too old. Baggage.

Let me tell you straight: there’s someone for everyone. In fact, there are plenty of people for everyone. Sure I believe in the notion of soul mates, but I also believe that a soul mate is an evolved relationship, over time, not one that is already perfect, waiting to be discovered. First you start a relationship, then, if it’s working, it’s nurtured into “soul” territory.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It’s not like you’ve been designated one soul mate who might unfortunately for you be located in central Africa.

But I get it — there’s no easy way to convince someone of that through simple reassurance.

So why not look at some of the people in the world around you, people you’d never thought could have landed a partner? For example:

Take a certain neighbour of mine. She has everything working against her.

  • she’s miserable, and mean
  • she’s frighteningly unattractive
  • she’s a bitter divorcée
  • she has a repugnant daughter
  • she’s in her late 50s
  • she complains to everyone about her job
  • blahblahblah

But she dates. She always has a date. And lately, she’s found her soul mate. I pity that poor fool…

Whatever. As far as I’m concerned, she’s walking talking proof that there’s someone for everyone. She hooks up easily by coasting through life confident that there’s someone out there for her. And if she can do it, believe me, anyone can.

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Here’s something else to consider: I have friends who fall into the “beautiful people” category. Even they go on about how they’ll never find The One. But sometimes they land a relationship that sticks. Know how they do it? Law of averages. The soul mate ratio is a high one, and you’ll never hit pay dirt by sitting at home pouting and waiting for a knock on the door.

Chat it up online, chat it up in the dog park — determine your fate by choosing to act. You can’t start filtering out the bad apples until you get off your arse and shake the tree.

There’s a delicious apple out there for everyone. Promise.

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