What Your Ride Says about You to Your Date

Like it or not, every first date is evaluating you based on your appearance – and that includes more than your face or the bulge in your blue jeans. One of the first things a girl notices is the car you drive up in as she steps inside to go for a ride. Keep in mind, that car is talking to her silently and telling her a whole lot about you. Some of it is basic economics, and not everyone can afford to be rolling in a shiny new Rolls Royce – but there is plenty you can do to enhance the car you already own.

Keep It Clean

“A lot of ladies on our dating site have remarked about the importance of a clean cab,” says Casey Williams of TruckerHookups.com. “It’s not just a health or safety issue, it also demonstrates a sense of pride in taking care of things. If a guy can’t be bothered to clear out the old coffee cups and ashtray from his rig, why would a woman expect that he would take care of her any better. All it takes is a trash bag and ten minutes of your time to make a better first impression.

Choose Bumper Stickers Wisely

Sure, your buddies may think it’s cute that you have a cartoon of someone pissing on a competing automotive logo, but is that really a message you want to show off to a woman you’re taking out for the first time? Political stickers and religious artifacts can also sour the mood of your new romance. Go with a clean slate, and leave yourself the option to open up about those kinds of topics at a later date.

Drive Safely or Not at All

We’ve heard horror stories of people getting pulled over for traffic violations, open warrants, or flawed vehicle maintenance during a date. Your chance of hooking up is gone once the sirens start blaring and there’s a cop at your window. Take the time to make sure all of your lights are working, that your inspections are up to date, and your license is clean. If it isn’t, use transit to meet somewhere, rather than risk the awkward silence of sitting on the side of the road, or your date having to watch you getting put in the back of a patrol car.

Whether you’re an environmentalist in a hybrid, a teamster rolling 18 wheels across the country, or a bad boy in a street-legal hotrod – having your ride running right is an easy way to score points with your next potential hookup.

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