5 Tips for Blind Dates

Have you ever let a friend set you up with “that girl from his office” or  “his mother’s best friend’s daughter”? People love playing cupid, even though online dating is the easiest way to meet women for hookups or long-term dating. And I say: why not? You never know where or when you might find Mrs. right  or Miss right now. Love often happens when you’re not trying too hard. And scanning your dating site for new profiles every day can become tedious, so when a family member or friend asks if they can set you up with someone, go for it!

Now that’s not to say blind dates are easy breezy. They’re not, especially for men who lack dating- or self-confidence. Look at it this way, do you respond to women online who don’t have a profile pic? Didn’t think so, and neither do I. But one thing I have done in recent years is go on dates with guys whose profile reads like a dream, even if I don’t see a potential for physical chemistry… let’s just say, there’s been a few hookups, a few hot hookups!

Dating should be fun, and it’s always risky, so why not up the ante with a blind date. If you’re still thinking it’s too weird or too old school… here’s a few tips to see you through.

5 Tips for Blind Dates

1. Bring a small gift. So even if you feel turned off immediately, and you cut the date short (not too short!), you’ll still come across as a gentleman. Remember there’s something to be learned from all dates and practice builds confidence.

2. Plan something fun. You won’t know this girl as well as someone online whose profile reveals her interests, so plan (yes, you!) something more than the typical sit-down-interview coffee shop date. Maybe bowling or a nature hike. Also, be flexible.

3. Get to know her. Again about the looks… if she doesn’t immediately floor you with her looks, chill, and get to know what’s inside. Physical desire can often spring from an attraction to the real person, so give her and you both a chance.

4. Don’t blame the messenger. If the date is total bust (and we’ve all been there!) don’t give your friend or mom heck for the set-up. There’s always comedy to be found in bad dates, without disparaging the person.

5. Do it again. That’s right, don’t blow future possibilities on one bad blind date. A lot of my best or most interesting dates have happened as happy accidents and with people I didn’t meet online.

To find love or lust, one must be open to all opportunities of meeting women – blind or otherwise.

Do you have a blind date experience you can share with us? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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