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Spring Fever and Online Dating

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Spring has officially arrived! The temperatures are rising and so are our libidos. As we shed more clothes we become more aware of our bodies and what we want sexually. It’s mating season for many animals, humans included!

More people join dating sites in the spring than any other season, and it’s also when sites report the most traffic. After a winter dating hiatus of licking my wounds from a failed relationship, I’ve reactivated my account. My sex drive was dormant too until I recently found myself watching porn and masturbating more than usual. What can I say? My animal instinct is back! And when I think back to last year, I had the exact same impulses. I was on the prowl, looking for a sexual connection… and I found it! I strongly believe, when you know what you want… you find it.

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3 Cures for Spring Fever

1. Join a new dating site. I like to use two different sites that I can jump back and forth between because it can get discouraging to see the same-old, same-old people who haven’t updated their profiles in years. I might even join a third site!

2. Take a class. Although it’s probably easier to meet women online these days, it’s always good to keep your options open. Take a class at your local health club or college, where you won’t only be improving yourself, but where you might meet your next date. 

3. Flirt. This is the perfect way to put your message out: you are open and ready and willing. Flirty behaviour includes compliments, eye contact, asking questions, and using your sense of humor. When you’re in this mode, you will increase your chances of finding the cure.

Well, I’m off to browse profiles… What about you, are you feeling spring fever?

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