Signs She Wants a Relationship

Casual relationships can be the start of a long-term love connection. Even when both people involved say they are only into casual sex, feelings happen.

Signs that She’s Interested in Something Serious 

She’s really into kissing.

Kissing is a great part of sexual relationships, whether they’re long term or a hot one-night stand. But there’s kissing, and there’s kissing.

If necking with her feels next level, if there’s so much emotion in her kiss that you sometimes feel close to crying, if she cradles you and you can feel her very soul on your tongue—well, you know that’s not just tonsil hockey for igniting the engine.

Depending on whether or not you’re open to a relationship, this can be a warning to cool things off… or an invitation to something more.

She asks a lot of questions.

If she’s really curious about you and your family, relationships, feelings on important issues, past history, future dreams, and she really listens when you’re talking rather than answering texts and looking up time to time, then she’s interested in getting to know you better.

She introduces you to her friends.

There are times when a booty call will introduce you to her friends, and you’ll feel like you’re being shown off. If she’s presenting you in ways that make you feel like a designer purse or great jeans, it’s about showing off and status and maybe a little friendly jealousy.

Now, if you’re actually hanging out with her friends and family, involved in gatherings, having full conversations, and feeling like a part of it all, she’s likely looking further down the road than you think.

She opens up about relationships and other intimate subjects.

Women in casual relationships might reference other lovers for a few reasons: the big one is, to get YOUR attention by showing off the attention they get from other men.

Casually dropping Brad’s interest or Fred’s appreciation for her or the great sex she used to have with Kevin might feel a little annoying, but you have probably dropped a name or two to brag a bit that ladies dig you.

Both men and women also mention other partners, past and present, to bitch and complain about them. This is a way of showing what you expect a partner NOT to do, in or out of bed. It’s also a cheap way to grab sympathy or inflame a sex mate to hotter passion. For example, a man might spend more time proving he can make a woman orgasm if she has complained about a past partner who couldn’t.

If she’s opening up about partners in an authentic way, with genuine emotions, sharing complex observations and conflicting nuances, or filling you in as if it’s your business, she likely has hopes of a relationship beyond casual.

She tells you she wants more.

It’s easy to miss the signs sometimes, even when they’re obvious.

If she’s asked you about whether you would consider a relationship, or mentioned outright that she’s open to commitment or a long-term connection, believe her.

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