Online Dating Resolutions for a Happy New Year

Make the most of online dating in the coming year. Yes, YOU can meet lots of women, find love and lust, and enjoy sexy encounters. If this hasn’t already been the result of your online dating life so far, consider that maybe it’s not you, it’s your profile.

Or maybe your profile is great, but you’re ready to try something new.

In any event, you get out of online dating what you put into it. Make your online profile and dating management your top New Year’s Resolution, and get more of what you want next year!

5 Online Dating Resolutions

1. Update, Update, Update

How often have you bothered to message anyone who doesn’t look like they’ve evolved since 2014?

Use new photos, add interests, and revise what kind of relationship you are seeking as you change. Do an overhaul right before the new year, and revise regularly with smaller updates.

2. Switch It Up

Have a number of photos at the ready, and rotate them. Add and remove information occasionally. Online dating profiles are like ads—remember that you have to see a product many times before it even registers on your consciousness. And if the ad is outdated or irrelevant, by the time you take note you will go to their competitor instead.

Novelty also piques emotional interest and curiosity, so if she’s checked out your page a few times but didn’t take the plunge to contact you, seeing you in a new photographic context or reading an update to your interests will make you more three dimensional. You don’t need to radically transform your information—just show different aspects of yourself, or find a new way to say the same thing.

3. Remember Honesty Is the Best Policy

Seriously, go through and take out all the bragging and false promises—that crap makes you sound like a douche.

I can tell you right now that a woman finds a real, realistic, honest man far more appealing and hot than she finds a superficial Lothario dripping plastic money and muscles, even when it comes to casual sex.

Don’t lie about stuff. Tell the truth about the best version of yourself, yes, but keep it real.

4. Know that Full Disclosure Isn’t Necessary

Being honest doesn’t mean that complete strangers need to know all of your flaws, sins, and failures before they even meet you. Learn to be honest and stop making stuff up, but also develop restraint.

Oversharing is epidemic, boring, and unnecessary. Just this week on my social media: I learned that a college pal is an incest survivor, I saw a photo of a co-worker’s inflamed bunion, and got a report on my baby nephew’s bowel problems. No, no, no.

Your dates will need to know that you spent eleven years in jail or that you have three sets of twins when things start moving in a serious direction. Your hookups DO NOT need to know about your past bankruptcy, romantic failures, or annual pink-eye infection.

5. Take More Chances

So what if she’s a cat person and you’re a dog person. So what if you generally like rail-thin redheads, and she’s a chubby blonde. Get to know different people to expand your range and enjoy unexpected online connections.

If you have an inbox full of messages but your idea of who to hook up with is too narrow, a whole world of opportunity is going to waste.

What online dating resolutions are you planning to make?

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