How to Recharge Your Dating Battery

Are you starting the new year with dating dread? Wondering if you’ll ever meet that special someone or mrs. right now, or even just get laid? We’ve all been there, and it sucks to be in a dating rut.

Let me share some tips that will help you find what you’re looking for—a relationship, a friend with benefits, or just a one-night stand.

Take a break. You might be wondering how the hell not dating helps, but it does if you’ve been balls-to-the-walls looking without success. Use this down time to really think about what you want, what kind of woman you’re looking for, where the best place to find her is. Focus is important and will help, trust me.

Cast a wide net. If you aren’t online to meet women, join a dating site. Set your search to include a wide age range and a greater area than just your neighborhood. Accept invitations to functions or parties you don’t usually attend. Join a social group or league to meet more women.

Improve your online dating game. If you’re already on a dating site, think about joining another, maybe something specific to what you’re looking for ( to meet older women, for example). Update your profile if you haven’t in the last six months, and post current pics.

Send better messages. The downfall of most men who fail to garner a reply online is the shitty first message. “Hey, how’s it going?” just doesn’t cut it, and neither do lengthy Romeo form letters sent out to more than one woman. Guys, put the effort in by reading her entire profile before sending a message unique to her.

Take more chances. Maybe a woman who isn’t your usual type sent you a message. Instead of bypassing her, take a risk. This is an especially good idea if your dating skills are rusty. Ask that cute coffee-shop girl out who you’ve been flirty with for the past year. Dating rejection is part of the game, and it actually helps to build confidence.

Work on you. When things aren’t going your way, it’s important to still be living and not moping about being single or celibate. To keep your self-esteem from dipping, engage in things that focus on your mind, body, and soul. This might mean taking a class at your community college, joining the local gym, or volunteering at a shelter—by the bye, these are all attractive to women!

What keeps your motor running when you’re in the dating trenches.

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