How to Prepare for a Digital First Date

If you’re at all superstitious like I am, you probably have a routine you follow when psyching yourself up for a big date. I’ve written about preparatory date night checklists before, but what about when the evening is slated to unfold virtually?

Do the same principles of date-night success apply? Or do new things need to be taken into account? As you will discover, it’s a mix of both. Here are some tips for making your digital date run smoothly.

How to Prepare for a Digital Date from Home

Plan Your Evening

Just as you would a traditional date, plan your virtual encounter. In my last post, I suggested things to do with your partner over Skype or Zoom. Regardless of whether you opt for something romantic or casual, be sure to provide a shared focus that will ease the pressure of having to talk the whole time.

If deep conversation comes naturally to the two of you, this might not be as necessary. For most of us, however, staring at someone on a screen while trying to think up things to say can get very awkward very quickly!

Get Clean and Well Dressed

I know it’s tempting to cut corners in the style department these days. Who needs pants? We’re Skyping from the waist up! Just remember that what you wear impacts how you feel and behave. If you want to make a favorable impression and be on your game, wear something you feel good in that reflects your personal style.

And get yourself cleaned up and fresh! Even if she can’t smell your ball sweat from where she’s sitting, she will probably sense it, especially if you look like you just walked in from the gym.

Choose Your Setting

Zoom offers all kinds of virtual backdrops to class up your call, and even add a little humor. These are especially handy if you’ve only been on a few dates and don’t want to reveal the full spectrum of your pigsty ways just yet. It can also be a fun way to express yourselves.

Did you both choose the classic library backdrop, or are you on a spaceship while she’s deep in the forest? If you prefer the authenticity of your real setting, aim the camera carefully to avoid capturing anything you might regret—like passwords or other sensitive info—and tell your roommates to give you space, if they don’t wish to be caught on camera.

Check Your Equipment

Call a friend before going live with your date. Test your camera and microphone, and try out any features you plan to use, like screen sharing apps. Dating remotely is frustrating enough without having to endure all the technical glitches that can come with it. If things do go awry with the call, laugh it off. Think of it as any other minor dating mishap, frustrating in the moment, but memory making in the long run.

Thankfully, most of us have more than one device we can rely on to connect us to the outside world. Have a backup plan if Zoom is down or your Wi-Fi cuts out. Don’t let a technological issue ruin a good time.

Do you have experience with digital dating? Please share your tips in the comments!

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