How to Get Ready for Summer Hookups

The warm weather is upon us. All around us we see bodies, once bundled in the trappings of winter, suddenly springing free. There is flesh everywhere. I was at the beach yesterday, and the sight of women in bikinis prancing down to the water filled my heart with joy (and other organs with blood).

But how can you get yourself together to take advantage of the summer love vibes? Here are a few ideas!

How to Prep for Summer Lovin’

Love Yourself, at any Size

I used to be heavy, but now I’m a lot thinner. I like being thin, but I’m always startled by how many women say they wish I had a bigger belly. Apparently big fuzzy bellies can be sexy. Many women are attracted to these. This leads me to believe that the key to being attractive is feeling attractive. It isn’t about looks, it’s about attitude. How you carry yourself will attract people to you. And sometimes you just have to fake it before you make it.

Find Yourself Lovable

Other people will see you, in the same way that you see yourself. If you believe that you are sexy and attractive, that belief will radiate. It’s a matter of changing your internal wiring, that’s all. Every day you should get up, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are sexy, and you are lovable, and there are things about you that other people will love and appreciate. It may take time, but everything that is worthwhile takes time.

Talk to Women

I’m always amazed by guys who think women are somehow scary, or wicked-hearted. Obviously there are people on the incel spectrum, but there are also guys just scared of rejection. The way to get better at talking to women is to talk to them like you aren’t picking them up, and you don’t have an agenda. Just strike up conversations for practice, with cashiers, older women at the garden centre, or at a protest. Don’t ask for dates, just talk.

Be Patient and Confident

Whether you are looking for hookups or something more serious, practicing self-respect and basic conversation skills will help you succeed. Yes it takes time, yes it is hard, and yes you will have some (possibly many) rejections along the way. But in the end, the project of being better at hookups is the project of being a better, more well-rounded person. The effects will pay off across your life.

For more tips, read: Maintaining Confidence throughout the Dating Process in Psychology Today.

Invest in Yourself

Read a book. If you have a book to talk about, you will instantly sound sexier, trust me! Doesn’t matter what the book is. Reading is a sexy enterprise and leads you to know a better quality of women. All matters of self-growth are attractive to women. Your endeavors might include taking up running, or boating, or creative writing classes. Online learning is a good way to meet women, with whom you already share a common interest, for friendship and more.

Join a Dating Site

If you’ve only ever considered this option, then it’s time to take the plunge. Browse sites, find one that appeals to you, and join. Check out the kinds of profiles other men have, and write something unique that will stand out. It’s an easy option to meet women where you can take your time in the luxury of you own home, choosing to meet when you feel comfortable. It’s a low-risk, high-reward way of meeting others, and it’s fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

What are your summer lovin’ plans? Share with us in the comments!

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