Hot Summer Hookups to Inspire You

Here comes summer, along with those long, sultry humid nights that go best with sweaty skin and a surprise stranger.

Who doesn’t count holiday hookups among their hottest? They are steamy and sinful, and the painful but unavoidable goodbyes when you head back home only add to the gorgeous ache of memory and desire.

The Art of Seduction

I spent a few summery weeks in Europe visiting art galleries and museums a few years ago and let me tell you, my education in art history will fuel my fantasies right through my golden years.

In Spain, I spent a few incredible nights sipping fancy Spanish wines and dining on mussels, listening to the tales of life from an artist who looked just like Javier Bardem. It really was straight out of Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

It didn’t end there… when I got to Paris, the Louvre security guard caught my eye, and I was so emboldened and dizzy from the lovemaking marathon in Spain that I propositioned him. He gave me a tour and after his shift, we tumbled through the streets of Paris and then rang in the dawn between his sheets.

So, when you’re on vacation and doing the museum and gallery thing, don’t miss out on the chance to ask one of the art students you see out on a date! Mais oui.

Long Walks on the Beach

Whether its the Bahamas, Mexico, the white sands of Tunisia, or Cuba where you’re headed for an ocean-side vacay, nothing beats the sound of the surf pounding as the sun pours down. The smell of the salt air and the sound of salsa and a tropical drink in my hand can get me horny even if there’s no one in sight!

Create memories while making out under a palm tree or beach umbrella. Walking in the moonlight hand in hand after midnight, or letting the waves move your bodies together under water.

The ocean fling is so amazing that countless millions of men and women flock to the beach every year hoping to meet someone to share the hookup of a lifetime with. So if you see someone paying you attention, smile back and see where the sun and surf will take you!

The Shanghai Surprise

The stereotype of the servile, diminutive Asian beauty is longstanding and popular, and it is just that—a stereotype. Yet the beauty of Chinese women is legendary for a reason.

I have a friend who has a thing for vintage pin-up posters of Shanghai women and old beauty product ads from China. He went on a vacation to Shanghai to learn more about the history and culture of China, met a gorgeous business woman, and ended up moving there. Some affairs are literally life changing!

The City Slicker

I love getting off to the amazing hot stories of one of my favorite lovers. He had a blazing hot fling in New York with a woman he met at a jazz club. It was a long weekend of subways, Starbucks, Central Park, towers, skyscrapers, and mind-bending penthouse sex overlooking the city.

Take a Hike

If the woods and mother nature bring out the animal in you, consider an epic wilderness hike with an outdoorsy gal you meet online.

If you meet a hookup who loves camping, not glamping, go mountain climbing or take her through canyons where you can get wild together. I love rough sex up against a tree or cuddly sex beside a campfire.

Cruise Control

The Love Boat was all about people meeting and knowing within two days that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but a smooth voyage through the Nordic fjords or a hot tropical sail could be the right place to find someone who wants to spend the rest of the night together.

Have a steamy vacation hookup memory? Do tell!

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