Hooking Up With Your Friend’s Ex – Is She Off Limits?

You’ve been horning after your best friend’s woman as long as they’ve been together. When they broke up, you did a secret little fist-pump inside, thinking it would only be a matter of time before she was in your bed instead of his – or did you? What exactly are the rules when it comes to hooking up with your friend’s ex lady? The crew at HookupLand.com have the answers you’re hoping to hear.

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how long they’ve been split up. If this just happened last night and you’re thinking of making your move already, put the brakes on. You need to let at least a few weeks pass. They could get back together if this is one of those “fake” breakups. Even if they don’t get it back on, she’s going to need some recovery time.

Next thing to keep in mind is who broke up with whom. Did your bro dump her, or was she the one who cut the string? Hooking up with your friend’s ex should not even be in the picture if she was the one that broke up with him. Your mate’s going to be upset at the end of the relationship to begin with, and finding out that you’ve picked up where he left off isn’t going to sit well. If your friend was the one that sent her packing, you still want to tread carefully and assess the situation. Your best friend dumping his ex after he’s found someone new is a better deal than if he tossed her to the curb after finding out she cheated.

Have a conversation with your friend to assess the possibility. If you don’t want to have this chat with your buddy, that’s a pretty clear indication that it’s not cool to hook up with his ex. Once you sit down and have this discussion, you’ll find out – in his mind – if she’s off limits or not. Hopefully he’ll give you his “blessing” and you’ll be free to go on the hunt for your new potential hookup. The simple truth is, now that sites like Hookup Land exist, there are so many potential mates out there waiting for you that it really doesn’t make much sense to act territorial about an ex-girlfriend fucking a friend or two.

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