Fun Holiday Hookup Scenarios

If you’re feeling nice and naughty or very merry, indulge yourself and take these holiday hookups from fantasy to reality!

The Night Before Christmas

Whether you’re at your girlfriend’s folks’ house, or solo at Mom’s with an eye on your sister’s visiting bestie, there’s something super sexy about doing it when not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

Getting it on in the rec room to the soft strobe of blinking tree lights is fun and festive. The pool table is always hot, but snuggling under a big fuzzy sofa throw and getting handsy while watching fave holiday films is amazing.

The Silent Night

When you’re staying over at relatives or family friends, the walls are so paper thin you can hear Dad snoring on the other side. This is not the kind of sex I want ALL the time, but once in a while, sex in total silence, your hand over my mouth to muffle my moans, and us moving only so slowly, so as not to make a creak or squeak—this is hot and intimate, and the sneaky aspect of it makes holiday memories.

The Gingerbread Spice Latte

Or the Peppermint Mocha, or the Chestnut Praline Frapuccino—it’s your call. If you’ve ever had the urge to pull up her Santa skirt and bend the barista over the espresso maker, don’t miss your chance.

Next time you’re waiting for her to steam your milk, ask her out. Bring her a candy cane or a box of Misty Mints and leave your phone number attached.

The Clean Up in Aisle Five

Maybe the coffee gal is not your cup of tea, but if the milf next door is picking up eggs and cookie sprinkles at the supermarket, now is your chance to ask about joining her for a day of baking.

It might be a vanilla affair or something more spicy, or maybe it will just be milk and cookies after all. But you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

The Blue Christmas

Not everyone goes home for the holidays, and the season is sad and stressful for many. If you’re overloaded by the crowded malls, bills, parties, or loneliness, consider reaching out to a lonely lady who is feeling the same way.

One Christmas I couldn’t afford to leave college to go home, and even though my folks offered to help out, I had deadlines and work that would have made the plane ride ridiculous for half a day of turkey.

I was feeling blue and decided to see who else was flying solo at the college pub. As I bundled up for the cold trek over, I decided to proposition the first guy I saw who was alone and nice, and take a chance regardless of whether I would have noticed him at another time.

Needless to say, after our eyes met, we weren’t blue for long… but red hot! I had love to give, and he was happy to unwrap it.

The Winter Wonderland

Everyone loves getting it on outdoors. A quickie on the beach, camping sex, a fun handjob in the park while keeping an eye on the path—all good.

But who dares to brave the snowdrifts? You wouldn’t want your dick to turn into an icicle!

Winter play can still be fun. Tobogganing together provides a perfect opportunity to feel each other up outside, and the roller coaster rush of the downward coast gives you both a thrill you’ll want to repeat indoors over hot chocolate martinis.

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