Dos and Don’ts of Dating Profiles

Are you new to online dating? Do you rarely get responses on dating sites? Is your dating confidence at an all-time low? If any of these are true, my tips for creating an awesome dating profile can help. Even if you’re a sexy, fun, and confident guy, a crappy profile will turn the ladies away. Most men have no problem sending a woman a message after looking at her pic for five seconds. You think she’s cute, so you send a winky face. Is she going to respond right away? No. She’s going to read your profile first. Even if she thinks you’re good looking, she will read your profile, your entire profile! Women are much more discerning and careful. Whereas a man is happy to just chat the night away, hoping to later meet in person; a women isn’t likely to bother unless there’s potential for a real connection, be that sexual or or something more.

I browsed through profiles of men for a solid hour the other night, and only read one that truly interested me. It was disappointing. I really can’t understand it when a man sends me a message and has a badly written profile that says nothing. Bye bye! Here are tips to help you make the most of your online dating experience aka meet more women.

Dos and Don’ts of Dating Profile

Do choose a variety of photos. One photo with your back to the camera, watching a sunset, won’t suffice. Give us a close-up, maybe a cute pic of you and your pet, and another of you engaging in your fave hobby. Five pics is good number. And the less selfies the better.

Do fill out your entire profile. If you can’t make the effort to write a decent profile, women wonder what else you do half-assed. This is your calling card, and women want to know as much as possible before they contact a stranger online.

Do be honest. It can be tempting to lie about all sorts of things in an attempt to attract more ladies, but it all comes out. Be one of the good guys, because believe me, she’s already met the doucebags. If you’re only looking for casual sex, say that.

Do proofread your profile. If you sound like a robot or juvenile delinquent, you can forget about meeting most women, especially those who get turned on by a man who can write a good sentence. If spelling and grammar aren’t your specialties, find a friend to help. It really does make a difference.

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Don’t send messages without a complete profile. A woman might think your message is cute or sweet, but if she sees a profile without photos or little information, she’s probably going to delete your message and move on.

Don’t search with a narrow age margin. If you’re a forty-year-old man who says he’s looking for a woman 18-25, you look like a dick. Keep your possibilities open, and you’ll attract more women and not turn the ones who do read your profile off.

Don’t list what you’re not looking for. We’ve all had dates and relationships with people who we’d rather not have, but stating characteristic you don’t want such as being jealous, manipulative, or cheap won’t help. It’s negative and you will come across as bitter and as someone who is living in the past.

Don’t write a book. It’s important to fill out all the sections in a profile, but be sure to keep a little mystery. I’ve stopped reading profiles out of pure exhaustion. With an overly lengthy profile you may be seen as long-winded or egocentric.

I recommend having a best friend to help fine tune your profile (make sure it reads like you and includes what makes you special). Please share any profile writing tips you have in the comments!

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