Dick Pic Tips for the Shy Guy

Here’s good news for the shy guy: your reticence is on your side when it comes to sending dick pics to women!

If it seems like the bolder dudes with bigger egos and more confidence sometimes leave you in the dust, rest assured that you are at a natural advantage when it comes to the dick pic.

Many men are overeager to show that thing off—the problem is, the online equivalent of “whipping it out” is a major turn off for women. Our response to most dick pics ranges from amusement to disgust, none of which help a man’s chances for getting to show and tell in person.

You, on the other hand, Mr. He’s So Shy, have an instinctive understanding of the situation, even if you don’t yet know it. You perceive that the image of said organ needs to have some kind of context. You are nervous about sharing it, and that’s because you have a sense that this is something special and rare, not something that must be thrust upon every woman you chat with. You don’t want to send it at all, it makes you feel vulnerable, and you only consider it when and if she’s begging you to see it.

So you see? It’s win, win, win.

Never send a dick pic unsolicited.

Since you are a bit reserved, you aren’t always bragging and waving your member about. You don’t expect the mere sight of a bratwurst-like appendage to drive a woman wild, and so you would never send it without her permission.

Right here, with this alone, you have won at the whole game. This is the number one rule: Never send a dick pic unless she has asked you for it.

Not only is it NOT HOT to get one, but it can be downright violating. Some women go so far as to list it as assault or harassment. It’s the virtual equivalent of exposing yourself in public to an unaware female.

Don’t just wait until she agrees to see it: Wait until she BEGS FOR IT.

Here’s the deal: showing your meat to a rando chick is never going to turn her on the way a glimpse of pussy turns a man on.

We aren’t remotely interested in what you’re packing UNTIL we’re interested.

AFTER she is turned on is when a sneak peak will have the desired effect of arousing her lust more intensely.

Don’t fight the power.

Once a woman you’re dating or mating with requests a special souvenir of you, take the opportunity to feel the might and power of the moment. Don’t get frantic and let your nerves drive you crazy—enjoy that awkwardness and the whole process of taking it out and taking the picture, editing it, choosing, gulping back the terror of pressing “send.”

You are, after all, alone, with your dick in your hand, and no one’s watching you take snappies. Pleasure yourself, letting your nervousness wash over you and away in a sea of lust.

Feel the power of overcoming your anxiety, of being desired, and feel the liberation. Whether you are shy about your penis or just a super quiet kind of guy, remember that every imaginable kind of man with every kind of dick enjoys the feeling of pleasing a woman.

The very fact that you aren’t going to be hurried because you’re worried means you will be careful, selective, and take your time. Use it to stroke, salivate, dream, and plan. Feel how empowering it is to, um, take matters into your own hands.

Think about art.

Since you’re not in a big rush of belligerent overconfidence, you can think about what contexts and aesthetics a woman might appreciate it. You are naturally considerate and will mull over presentation with the same kind of caution you go over reports at the office, over and over, looking for errors before handing something in.

Don’t OBSESS about it. But do put a little something artful into the presentation. You want a flattering angle, an uncluttered backdrop, and a pleasing composition.

All set? Wonderful. Let us know how it goes! We want to hear your winning dick pic tips!

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