Destination Dating at Home

A light breeze, an afternoon sun filtering though the trees, a Red Stripe beer in hand, Bob Marley playing “Three Little Birds” on Jamaican radio, and the smell of jerk chicken. I’m sitting with a beautiful woman I recently met, enjoying a magical day. This time next week I expect to be listening to French music whilst picking at a platter of fantastical French cheeses, grapes and bread, sipping wine made in France, and sharing the company of the fairer sex. Next month… who knows where I’ll wind up. 

If you’re thinking shut the fuck up you jet-setting dick, you would only be partially correct. I may be a dick at times, but jet setter not so much. Truth is, I haven’t left the country in a very long time. With my internet connection to radio stations worldwide, a bit of culinary expertise, and an interest in other parts of the world… I can travel anywhere! And so can you, bringing along your real date to the virtual world you’ve created.

Not only can you travel to different locations, but also to different periods in history such as Egyptian or Roman times. You could go really wild and create the illusion of an imaginary place like Winterfell from Game of Thrones. This would really turn a GoT fan on!

Here’s a short list of things you can do to create your dating destination:

  • Tune in to internet radio to play music from the place or time period
  • Serve the food and drink that best represents your city or country
  • Wear clothes that suit the culture
  • Follow customs and traditions (choosing a specific holiday is fun, e.g. Cinco de Mayo)
  • Decorate your pad to recreate the specific environment

Combining all of the above can create a fairly strong illusion of being somewhere that you’re not! And you don’t have to worry about not taking her to the real place. Your date will be impressed by your creativity and imagination. One final tip: take your cues from your date when planning. Take her somewhere she’s only dreamed about!

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Where will you plan your next destination date?

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