5 Ways to Be More Attractive to Women

Want more calls, more callbacks, more sexts, more yeses, more dates, more sex? Knowing what women find most attractive is the key.

Invest yourself in these five important areas and watch the dividends roll in.

1. Pay Attention

Want women to fall all over you even though you don’t have a Porsche or a ten-inch dong?

Pay attention when she’s talking. Notice what she’s wearing. Don’t click the remote control back and forth between The Godfather and the hockey game when there’s a half-naked woman in your bed.

What color top is she wearing? What does her perfume smell like? What’s the first and last thing she said to you?

Paying attention is a skill that can be learned. Smart guys learn it fast.

2. Sense of Humor

If you want to be more attractive to women, sense of humor is the number one thing on women’s lists. Don’t take my word for it. Google it. You’ll find it ranks in the top five qualities women look for and usually way above tall, dark and handsome.

If you’re already adept at paying attention, you know I’m telling the truth. How? It’s in almost every woman’s online dating profile: “Looking for a guy with a great sense of humor.”

Think you’re not funny? You don’t have to be the wittiest guy on earth or force the jokes. Just relax a little, have fun, and see the lighter side of life.

3. Good Hygiene

It’s been scientifically proven that men see less dirt than women. So when our guys leave chunks on the dishes or don’t clear out a month’s worth of empty pizza boxes from the den, they’re telling the truth when they claim they didn’t see anything wrong.

This isn’t an excuse or explanation, but a shortcoming. It means you have to work twice as hard at keeping your pad female friendly. It means showering before your hookup date, even if you think your pits are fine.

It doesn’t have to be clinical, just no garbage, dirty dishes, urine on the back of the can or the floor behind, and nothing rotten in the fridge.

4. Do What You Say

Forget flowery promises and reassurances. Grown women don’t expect to hear bullshit just to inflate their egos. Don’t assume we want you to be our boyfriend just because the hookup was hot. If you DO say you’ll do something, then DO it. Even if I’m not someone you’re into for the long haul, treat me as if I matter, as if women matter. Word gets around.

5. Make Her Feel Desirable

You know what’s more important than social status, height, and money? Those are all on the what-women-find-sexy list, but they just don’t rank in my top five, or many women’s for that matter.

Far more urgent than YOUR body is being into hers. A woman’s biggest turn on is knowing that she turns you on. This is true for one night stands and marriage alike.

No need to fake anything or be over the top, just remember to show her what you feel about her body. Don’t keep us in suspense—if you think my ear lobes are sweet, say so out loud. If my cleavage drives you crazy, let me know. The more we turn you on, the hotter you get us!

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