4 Signs She’s Dating Other Men

She says she loves you and that you’re the only one, but is that true? Something always seems a little rotten in Denmark, and you can’t quite figure it out. Let me give you a few clues that might give you a hint to what is going on. I can’t guarantee your lady is double dipping (or triple) but she might be.

Or, you maybe you met her online a few weeks ago, or months, and you just haven’t ventured into The Talk about your independent dating lives. If you’re keen on her, then you can always skip the signs and flat-out ask.

4 Signs She’s Dating Other Man

1. Something Changes in Bed

If you’ve been with somebody for a little while, there can be a certain predictability to how things are going to go. This isn’t necessarily bad. Just like learning to play a violin, the more time two people put into making love to each other, the more their sexual encounters can become a masterpiece. But the point is that the way you kiss, the way you touch—all of that will have a familiar feeling.

If she’s been with someone else, though, new tricks, new techniques, and unfamiliar things may creep in. It is inevitable. Some people will find this to be a real betrayal. Others will find it spices up their love life to have a new energy being injected in.

2. You Feel like You’ve Been Demoted.

Did you used to be Mr. Saturday Night? Did she always hit you back as soon as you texted her? Does she mysteriously have other plans. She doesn’t get back to you some nights. Suddenly she is chronically late for things, or even forgets about arranged plans. Could it be that you’re sliding down to a lower spot on her depth chart.

If you had no real commitment but you’re feeling hurt, it’s time to have the talk. She may still be playing the field, and just waiting to hear that you want to be in something more than a casual relationship.

3. She Smells Different

If she suddenly has a different smell, or her clothes do, or her bed does, there’s a possibility that another man has been there. Those pheromones linger, and they can change a body’s chemistry. Even if she isn’t admitting to anything, there may be fire where you’re smelling smoke.

4. She’s Addicted to Drama

If you find her being secretive about her whereabouts, or clearly making up details about what she’s been up to, she may have other men in her life. A lot of people don’t want to practice ethical non-monogamy because the thrill for them isn’t in the sex. The thrill is in the secret. It’s about getting away with something,and having a certain freedom, and sometimes its about power over their lover.

How long after you begin dating a woman, do you have The Talk about who’s dating who?

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