4 Signs She Wants You to Leave after a Hookup

How long do you hang around after a hookup? It’s a simple question with a seemingly complex answer. Maybe you would leave immediately, but you don’t want to seem disrespectful? Or maybe you’re big into cuddling and are never sure when to stop?

Don’t overthink it. Just leave if you want to leave, and stay on the lookout for these signs that she’s had her fill of you.

4 Signs She Wants You to Leave

1. She mentions some “big thing” she has going on.

Whether it’s a major work thing, an important appointment, or something else, this “big thing” she’s mentioned has surely surpassed you on her list of priorities. If she brings it up suddenly and with an air of impatience, it’s well past time you left and she’s probably wondering why you haven’t.

Don’t ask her to elaborate on her big day, or offer friendly advice for handling it. The truth is, she might have a totally blank schedule, but is trying to find a polite way to end the date.

2. She reminds you how tired she is.

If she yawns and starts getting ready for bed while commenting on just how tired she is, it’s time to put your pants on and Uber home. Don’t go to the kitchen to brew sleepy-time tea, or tell her that you’ll try not to hog all the covers. If you were cuddled up together, but she got up and started tiding things or turning on lights, take the hint and leave.

If she wanted you to spend the night, she would have asked, or said something like, “There’s a spare toothbrush under the sink.”

3. She talks about her recent relationship.

The key word here is “complicated.” When a woman says that, it means she’s not ready to jump into anything too serious. If she broaches the subject after you’ve hooked up and the afterglow has subsided, she probably wants your date to come to a close.

Don’t take it as a sign that she has let you into her emotional inner sanctum, or seize the opportunity to tell her what a great, uncomplicated guy you are. She was looking to get laid, not married.

4. She begins doing something in front of you.

Some women hate confrontation so much that they avoid it altogether, choosing instead to get on with their day in hopes that you just leave already. If she rolls over and starts answering emails on her phone, or suddenly decides to arrange her books alphabetically, crawl out from under the covers and let yourself out.

If you find yourself in this situation, it could be because you missed some earlier signs that she was giving you. Try not to overstay your welcome. Plan to leave soon after you hookup, unless your date has invited you to hang around.

What signs have you received that told you it was time to go? Leave a comment!

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