4 Rules for Hookup Discretion

If you’re new to the hookup scene, you might not realize just how important privacy has become in your quest to get laid.

Back in the day you could meet someone and fuck them, without fearing that pics of the two of you might end up online. You didn’t have to worry about your phone being hacked, or your online profile being leaked. These are complex, not very private times we’re living in, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

4 Tips to Keep Your Hookups Discreet

1. Lock Your Phone

Are you a trusting, or technologically-challenged individual who’s never really seen the point of locking things down? Your journey into Hookup Land is the perfect reason to start. You’re about to share sensitive info and steamy sexts with people who may or may not wish to be exposed.

Even if you’re not trying to hide anything, they could be, especially if you plan to meet for a super-casual, one-time-only affair. You never know who might be compelled to pick up your phone, or look over your shoulder out of curiosity, so set that password and message your dates in private.

2. Meet in Neutral Territory

For safety reasons it’s always a good idea to meet potential hookups in a public place. For privacy reasons, it’s best to choose a spot that isn’t frequented by anyone that either of you might know. Choose a different neighborhood, far removed from your regular stomping grounds.

Who knows who’s watching you, and who they might tell about what they’ve seen? Unless otherwise stated, always assume that your date wants to keep things on the DL. Even if she’s got nothing to feel guilty about, she’ll likely want to avoid being the subject of town gossip.

3. Don’t Kiss and Tell

Further to the whole gossip point, don’t go bragging about the hot hookup you had last night. Sure, it’s fun to rehash the details with friends—perhaps it makes you feel like a stud—but sharing too much can violate your lover’s trust, and even impact her life in negative ways. Maybe your friends know some of the people she works with. Maybe she’s married!

When it comes to online hookups, anonymity is important. If you must share, do so in the most general of terms. Leave out details about her appearance, especially if you live in a small town, and don’t share anything she might have told you in confidence.

4. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

In an effort to maintain her privacy, your date might wish to remain somewhat of a mystery—even to you. She might have fallen victim to oversharing one too many times, or she might simply wish to keep things safe and simple with a one-night stand and no further contact after that. In any case, don’t press her for personal info.

Meeting for the purpose of hooking up is not the same as going on a date. The former is all about fucking, while the latter is about getting to know one another while assessing your compatibility as a couple. You don’t need to know each other’s birth places, or what you do for a living in order to get down and dirty. Keep things simple and discreet before all else.

How do you keep your hookups private? Share some tips in the comments!rf

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