4 Gift Ideas to Make Her Hot for the Holidays

Are you wracking your brains about what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Do you feel pressured by the rules of convention to go for something boring like a pair of earrings or a sexy nightie? (Let’s be honest, the nightie is really more of a gift to yourself, is it not?)

Well, now it’s time to think outside the Victoria’s Secret box, and choose a gift that’s sexy for HER.

1. A New Toy

Check out online stores like the Kink Lover’s BDSM & Sex Toy Store together or visit your local adult-themed shop. When it comes to sex toys, surprise gifts are not always practical. Every woman is different and what made your ex hot to trot might bore your current partner or in some cases, make her straight up uncomfortable.

If you know for sure what your lady likes, or you want to replace an existing toy that’s worn out, by all means surprise away! A shiny new dildo on Christmas morning is a joyous thing to behold, just be sure you don’t mix up your boxes. “So sorry, Grandma! That was supposed to be a rolling pin!”

2. A Sexy Massage

Learn to give an erotic massage yourself or, if you and your girlfriend are adventurous enough, give her the gift of someone else’s expertise! It might take some time, but I’m sure you could find someone willing to join the two of you in your hands on sexplorations.

If everyone consents to you being there in the room, sit back and watch it all unfold. Satisfy your inner voyeur and learn a few skills along the way. Wait. Whose gift is this?|

3. Tickets to a Comedy Show

What?! That’s not sexy… Or is it? Trust me when I say that laughter is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs there is. Shared laughter is a bonding experience, and bonding leads to the desire for intimacy. Need I say more?

Laughing is also a great way to let loose and relax—two things that need to happen for many women to feel sexy. If you’re a naturally funny guy, put on a private show of your own. Write jokes that are meaningful to the two of you and that you know will make her shoot Christmas cake out of her nose.

4. Time Out from Everyday Stress

Offer to do the laundry. Cook her not one meal but a whole week’s worth that she can freeze and enjoy after those long days at work. Little things like that can turn a lady on far more consistently than fancy jewelry or silky underwear ever could.

If your girlfriend does enjoy the fancy things in life, book her in for a day at the spa, or treat her to a gourmet meal at a high-end restaurant. The important thing is to give her something that has meaning to her, not something that you think you should give her because you’re her boyfriend.

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