3 Ways to Move On after Dating Disappointment

So you’ve been dumped by a girlfriend or had your long-time crush turn you down. You’ve probably had your heart broken more than a few times. Even if you’re the one to cut things off, it can be difficult to move on. Lying under the covers and hiding away from the world is one way to deal with this (and believe me, I’ve been there) or spending all your money at the local bar trying to drown the sorrow is another (and I’ve done that too!) Problem with these “solutions” is that they don’t do much for your dating confidence, which is what really needs to be brought back to life when you’re trying to get over a girl.

4 Tips for Moving On after a Breakup or Rejection

1. Go on a dating spree. I know, it may seem like the last thing you want to do, but after a recent online dating disappoint when I couldn’t get out of my funk, I took this advice from a career online dater, and it worked like a charm. I went out with a few different guys in a couple weeks, and it showed me that yes, there were plenty more fish in the sea and that wasting my time on that one guy wasn’t worth it.

2. Take a trip. Nothing clears the head like a getaway, even just for a weekend, though a week or longer really is best. Being away from your natural habitat and day-to-day routine will give you a chance to re-evaluate what you want from a relationship and even what kind of relationship will best fit your current lifestyle. You’ll feel refreshed after and ready to put yourself out there again.

3. Focus on you. Often when we’re in a serious relationship or seriously pursuing someone, we let some of our self fall by the wayside. You might have stopped going to the gym as much or put off taking that course on starting a small business. Whatever it is, dive back into your interests and hobbies that make you happy or are part of a long-term goal. Building skills and accomplishing things will help develop that confidence women find so attractive.

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