3 Easy Ways to Meet More Women Online

Have you been seeing the same women pop up on your dating sites for years? Have you gone on dates with these women, but instead of blocking them after things went badly, you wonder what they’re doing?

This is part of the online dating rut we all go through. It’s very easy to get discouraged when we get complacent. I’ve met more than a few bitter angry men who are sick of the same old same old. That’s when I share my tips on how to cast a wider net to meet more women.

Of course, before you use these suggestions you must choose awesome profile pictures and write a kick-ass profile to back them up (women read profiles before sending a message or replying!)

How to Meet more Women on Dating Sites

Expand Your Age Range

The first thing I take into consideration when I’m looking at a man’s profile is what age range he is looking for. If you’re over forty and looking for women 18-29, it’s a hard pass. A man who won’t date someone his own age is a turn off for many ladies.

Even if you’re usually attracted to younger women, be realistic and know that if you go too low, you’re limiting the number of women you attract. You also come off as a douche to many more. I like guys who say they’re open to meeting women ages 18-99… it’s cute and the possibilities are unlimited!

Search Beyond Your Area

I live downtown and have always kept my search to a small radius, in part because I don’t have a car and rely on transit to get around. When I was visiting a friend five hours away, I expanded my search, thinking it might be fun to go on a date while out of town, if not have a casual fling.

When I got home, I forgot to reconfigure my settings and received a message from a guy about an hour away. Well, we’ve had a regular friend-with-benefits arrangement for over a year now, and he doesn’t mind driving to see me at all!

Date Against Type

Some of you have a very specific type who you go for time and time again, whether it’s related to physical appearance or personality. That said, if you’re using online dating, you’re still looking.

I dare you to message women who don’t fit your type, or better yet, to go on dates with these women. One thing I love about online dating is that I meet people I wouldn’t normally in my everyday life, social circle or workplace. Being open minded to new kinds of people is a surprising delight, both romantically and sexually.

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