How to Save a First Date Disaster

Ever meet someone from online dating who you really like, and want to see again, but your first hookup was a disaster? This is on my mind because recently I messed up a first date that I didn’t want to be my last!

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First off, I was late because the traffic was hell. I was starving, and ordered a steak, forgetting he had told me he was a vegetarian. Yes, it’s okay to have different diets, but on a first date it was kind of thoughtless of me to pick the bloodiest thing on the menu. The thin crust pizza would have been just as good, and something we could share.

Then, at the bar, I tripped over my purse and stumbled, spilling my drink and looking like a drunk teenager.

I was so nervous after that I tried to fill in the blank spaces in conversation. I forgot my cardinal rules for a first date: don’t talk about all the other boys you’re dating, and never talk about politics!

Despite all this, and even though he kept looking at his watch, I was determined to get what I came for. Fooling around was awkward at first, but once we relaxed it really started to heat up.

Then the worst thing happened. I had left my purse in the car, and my condoms were in it.

Miguel was gracious instead of upset, and that made it worse. But he didn’t come back inside. He stood at the curb in front of my building and called an Uber.

I know it has happened to you, too. You forgot the condoms. Or your wallet! You were nervous, and ended up being too pushy or loud. You misread signals and were grabby too soon. Your ex-wife called with an emergency with the kids just as you were getting into the hotel elevator, and you had to go.

Sometimes any of this can be chalked up to experience. But what if you really want a second date?

I couldn’t help replaying the entire evening in my head from every angle, especially how gorgeous Miguel was with his hard cock straining against his jeans and springing free when I unzipped him!

It was a story I wanted to finish, so there was only one thing to do. Tell him. The old cliché is true: the worst they can say is no. But if you want your date to give you a chance, you have to take a chance.

I got right to the point on the phone. I said, “I’m wondering if we can just try that again?”

I kept it brief but honest, said I got off to a faulty start and it just snowballed from there because of my nerves. I did mention how horny I had been ever since and really wanted to finish what we started. (Caution: this blunt tactic will seldom be effective on a woman! So if you don’t want her to hang up, rephrase along the lines, “I find you very beautiful and can’t stop thinking about you.”) I mentioned sharing a veggie pizza at a little spot nearby that also had a great wine list.

This time, I was already waiting for him at a table in a nook when he arrived. I was wearing tight jeans and a clingy blouse. I stood up to greet him so he could see me, and briefly touched his incredible biceps. Then I leaned to his ear and said, “Let’s try this again.”

And we did.

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