Hall of Fame: Top 5 Best First Dates

Last week I wrote a post about some of my worst first dates. Hopefully you learned from it and will never end up on a similar list yourself.

Now I want to shift focus and share with you some of my favorite first date experiences. It’s hard to say for sure what makes for the kind of magic that leaves a good impression on a new date.

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Part of it is chemistry, which we all know can’t be forced. The rest, I think, has to do with staying in the moment and losing yourself in the experience of getting to know someone new. 

1. The 24-Hour Conversation

We had so much to talk about, the conversation spilled over from dinner and into the next day! He lived out of town, so at a certain point in the evening it just made sense for him to stay over. We didn’t hook up that night, but we did make out for a long time in the morning. It was really sweet and fun and led to many other long nights of hot sex and laughter. I think the key to our success is that we didn’t rush or force anything. We stayed in the moment and just enjoyed the experience.

2. The Scavenger Hunt

We had only intended on taking in an outdoor art exhibit but when we got there, the organizers encouraged us to take part in a promotional scavenger hunt. We had to visit each of the displays and find small details in the artwork that we could check off on the list. It was a really cool shared experience that helped us to connect. Having a unique focus and something to work together at made the date a success.

3. The Great Escape

This is another example of how working together towards a goal can lead to sexy results. Escape Rooms are everywhere these days, and they’re a great way to challenge your mind and boost your adrenaline. They’re also a good option for a first date. The one we did involved escaping a zombie attack. We were given a serious of obstacle-course type tasks to complete and each time we failed, the zombie’s chain got longer. We were so jacked up after, we couldn’t help but work it out between the sheets.

4. The Picnic

This one is the polar opposite of a zombie attack. It was springtime and my date and I decided to go and enjoy the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms in the park. I thought we were just going to take in the sights, but he went one step farther and packed a picnic. He had a blanket and lots of cheese, crackers and salads; stuff that tasted delicious and a really nice bottle of wine. His thoughtfulness worked to make an excellent impression on me.

5. The Magical Walk

This one is proof that you can make any first date activity fun, just by relaxing into things and noticing what’s happening around you. We went for a simple walk but kept on the lookout for interesting things. We ended up noticing some hilarious graffiti. Someone had spray painted, “The things we do to get laid…” on a concrete wall and it made us laugh so hard. I don’t think we would have connected as well if we had been so super focused on impressing each other in a restaurant or coffee shop. Being present out in the world made for some wonderful memories.

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