Poll: What Is Your Online Dating Experience?

I was at a party recently where I met a guy who revealed that he was thinking of trying online dating. He had his heart broken two years ago and is just now feeling ready to get out there. He told me he has a lot of anxiety about online dating, but he just doesn’t know where else he would meet prospective dates for relationships.

Every time he mentioned online dating his voice became almost a whisper, like it was a taboo subject or that he was embarrassed by it. I proudly told him that I met my partner of two years on a dating site, and that I had a few friends in long-term relationships who met online.

I’ve been using online dating sites for almost a decade, so I had to think about how it felt intially. I too wasn’t very open about going online myself because there was more of a stigma, even shame, attached. Most of my friends had already tried it, while I secretly thought: I’ll never do that!

What Is Your Online Dating Experience?

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If your online dating experience is different, please share with us in the comments!

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