Why Younger Women Love Dating Older Men

There’s always a lot of talk about the men who love to date younger women. Why is it that some younger women have a preference for dating older men?

Younger Women Dating Older Men

We talk a lot about how sexy cougars are, or get all hot and bothered picturing a mature, older woman hooking up with a twentysomething boy toy.

But as soon as the tables turn to dating older men, we assume the power dynamics of an older man and young woman are automatically creepy.

Sometimes that is true, of course—the proverbial husband and babysitter or professor and student come to mind.

Still, it all depends. I think it’s absolutely natural for men of all ages to find younger women hot. When an adult young woman is attracted to an older man, why should she not pursue him or be pursued? If she’s old enough to choose her partners, buy or rent a house, drink, drive, and more, who is to say anything about her tastes?

Just in case I am misinterpreted, I am referring to adult woman, not underage teens.

Full disclosure: I am no spring chicken, hurtling toward thirty at the speed of light. I date a wide variety of men and women, of all ages. This is about my experiences dating men who are much older. I don’t have an exclusive thing just for older men—some women do, but I’m all over the map in my tastes, kinks, and preferences, always.

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Why I Love Older Men Dating

1. Older men are extremely attractive.

There’s something to be said about a rippling six-pack, bulging biceps, and a full head of hair. But the thrill is only skin deep. Our chemical soup is complex and wonderful and ultimately, a pretty face or tight body is fleeting pleasure. We can also be attracted to knowledge, life experience, hard work, a sense of humor, evidence of being a great parent or great leader, and so much more.

2. Older men see sex more holistically.

There are lots of times when I’m in it for the fast bang, believe me. But the way an older man makes love to me is really special. It’s not just diving for my pussy and rolling off after. The sex starts on the phone, at dinner, the day before, and is slower and more cerebral. It’s not cock-centered and hurried.

3. Older guys don’t fall for the drama.

Sure, an older man can act irrationally in love the same way anyone can. But overall, I can depend on an older guy not to get too wrapped up in drama and petty games. I can depend on him for discretion. I know that he’ll show up on time and won’t run out of gas or ditch me for someone else without ample notice.

4. Older guys have their jealousies and other emotions worked out.

Of course there are lots of scenarios where a man of a certain age goes berserk. But in general, he is more accustomed to his own weaknesses and emotions.

Younger guys, even one night stands, can be more volatile if I disclose another date. Even when they are polyamorous, too, they often expect me to be “faithful” or have fewer partners. Older guys have had time to work those details out.

5. Older guys already have a life, and expect less.

The older men I date have already established themselves and their personalities, and aren’t looking for a new date to define them or validate them.

They don’t ask for all of my time but accept the time I’m able to give. They don’t call me fifty times a day to find out where I am, and nor do they ghost me—they are more likely to let me know they are moving on, or married, or just looking for a kinky weekend, or whatever the case may be. They don’t want all of me.

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Do you have an age preference for older or younger when it comes to dating? Please share!

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