Racism and Online Dating

Racists drive me craaaaaazy! Fortunately those who wear such stupidity tattooed on their foreheads are easily identified and rightfully poopooed by anyone with a shred of common sense and integrity (I trust that’s most of us.)

But there’s a sneaky, subtle racism that finds its way onto our dating sites.

Of course we all have our tastes. When it comes to physical and sexual attractions, some things turn us on, others turn us off. Man or woman, blonde or brunette, gay or straight or bi or trans, even pleasure or pain. The list is infinite (I don’t like to be peed on, but I have friends who swear by it. Whatevs.)

And there are even preferences of race. I’m not totally convinced that that in itself is racist (although I’m not unconvinced, either), but I cringe when I see a profile that includes a shocking statement of what someone doesn’t like, racially. No Blacks. No Asians. No fill-in-the-blank. Am I the only one who finds this offensive?

If you’re ok with being racist, consider sticking to posting what you do like instead, and keep what you don’t like to yourself. You can still filter your choices based on the profile pics you see, right? Don’t like someone’s color? Move on to the next profile. And wouldn’t that be less… rude? I dunno, but if I were someone who refused to be with (pick any race), I wouldn’t wanna be posting it on the internet for all the galaxy to see, let alone potential hookups.

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The worst, the worst, is the inclusion of exclamation marks. No Blacks, please is bad enough, but No Blacks, please! makes me choke. If you think the addition of the word “please” enlightens your cause, then you’re not only racist, you’re an idiot, too. You’re closing the door on more hookups than you realize, and it’ll have nothing to do with skin colour.

As far as I’m concerned, different-races-fucking is the solution to one of the oldest atrocities on the planet: let’s just blur the lines of color.

How sad that we see these kinds of shenanigans on dating sites in 2014.

If you haven’t ever done so, now’s a good time to try having sex while wearing a blindfold. Trust me: not only are blindfolds sexy, they prove that skin color makes no difference whatsoever to your orgasm.

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