Office Hookups: The Good and the Bad

We’ve all been in slumps in hookup land. Who doesn’t have the odd tough time? Problem is, often when we can’t find any sex we look to what’s in the closest proximity to us and for millions of people worldwide that often means – unfortunately – the workplace. Ohhhh… the good old office fling. Great idea, right?  Hmmmn. Well maybe, but most often not. Let’s look at the upsides and downsides of office flings.

The Good

It’s So Easy
Often relationships suffer because partners don’t get to spend enough time together. An office hook up gives you all that and more. It’s also super convenient sexually. If you feel like taking a long lunch and slipping in a quickie, why not!?

Like, times ten! It’s your dirty little secret and only you two know what’s going on (for now). Getting away with bits of naughty play during company hours makes you feel like some sort of sexual Robin Hood. All very very exciting.

You Get Each Other
You have a mutual connection you couldn’t find with just any other partner – your job. Every time you gripe about your boss, the other knows exactly what you’re talking about. When a client is being a pain in the ass and loading you down with work, you get support from a  lover and a work ally. Not a bad idea, I’d say.

The Bad

Honeymoon’s Over
So your hot and heavy two-month fling takes a 180 and goes completely south. All of a sudden you have to see this person you thought you loved but now despise EVERY DAY. Oh ya, and you have to WORK TOGETHER and BE CIVIL and IF YOU DON’T YOU’LL BE FIRED. That kind of stuff. Should be easy to pull off, right?

Out With It
So your exciting dirty little secret is a secret no more. The whole office knows now. You’ve been branded unprofessional. A certain air of trust with your fellow employees has been broken. You’re lucky if your company doesn’t have a strict policy like some do where you would be instantly fired. But at this point the shame-over might be so great that you can’t stick around. Sounds pretty detailed, right?  Ya well, again, that’s because it happened to me! Trust me folks, it wasn’t worth it!

Possibly the worst side effect of an office hook up gone wrong is retaliation. One of you may be more powerful in the office. And depending on how badly you hurt said more powerful person, they may want to extact revenge by denying a promotion, enacting a demotion, or simply torturing you with longer hours and unreasonable demands. Even if you and your colleague are on equal terms, bad blood can boil over and affect your respective productivity. All in all, bad news.

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Anyway guys, there you have it. Got any dream-like or nightmarish office hookup stories to tell? Share them with us below!

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