Has Vaping Replaced Smoking Cigarettes After Sex?

The old cliché of smoking a cigarette after sex was once so popular that nearly everyone reached for the Lucky Strikes for a smoke together after a one night stand. Since then there have been so many Surgeon General’s warnings and the restrictions on smoking cigarettes, that it is now far from romantic to walk outside after sex and light up.

That’s where personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) are changing the way people share time after a hot date. Vaping gives you all the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette without much of the second-hand smoke, health issues, and odor annoyances that traditional cigs cause. In fact, the output is so different that vaping is even allowed in airports, bars, hotels and many other places you’d never find someone lighting up the old way.

Even more interesting, vaping now comes in dozens of flavors that include everything from mint to chocolate to strawberry. These also helps solve issues of bad breath during a hookup where asking your date to run off and brush her teeth would break the mood.

If you haven’t seen PVs, they come in hundreds of shapes and sizes to suit your lifestyle from quick one-hitters to larger units that let you load just about anything a person might ever want to smoke in them. You can even buy them online from sites like Eco-Electronic Cigarettes and have them delivered right to your door.

There’s a reason so many Hollywood films feature handsome men and gorgeous divas smoking on the silver screen. While the health risks of those nicotine sticks may have made them obsolete, the fantasy of smoking is far from done. Vaping not only brings it all back in a less carcinogenic way, it also enables social smoking in many public places that would otherwise be off-limits during your next dating adventure.

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