Signs She Wants More than a Casual Connection

Some of you guys out there might be thinking: if she wants more, she’ll say so. The reality is that many women play it casual to cast a wider net, but they secretly want a more serious relationship.

These ladies may be perfectly happy with a friends-with-benefits arrangement for a time, but they eventually will want something more meaningful as time goes on and their feelings develop.

So how do you avoid the messy situation this can create? Here’s some signs that will tune you in to her intentions.

Signs Your Hookup Wants More

She leaves belongings at your place. This is where it usually starts. First she leaves a toothbrush, maybe a few tampons, a razor in the shower. Of course, some of this may be accidental, but watch for big ticket items like clothing and slippers that indicate a deeper interest.

She shows up at your work or home. Surprise! I don’t think it’s cool for anyone to show up at either of these places without notice, so this could also indicate a bit of the crazy on her part. Tell her to meet you later when you can reiterate the kind of connection you want.

She follows your social media accounts. You’ll know this without asking because she’ll either blurt out things she’s curious about, or ask who’s so and so in that that picture with you. You can’t expect privacy when you’re all over the net, but you also don’t want to feel stalked.

She disables her online dating account. Casual dating means you’re likely seeing more than one person at a time. If you’re up front about this when you meet, she can’t be upset when she sees you were logged on last night at 4am. If you see her profile disappear, you have to wonder if she’s put all her eggs into one basket—yours!

She talks about the future with you. Discussing future plans like weekend getaways or taking a yoga class together might be too much for the casual dater. Tell her you don’t like to plan too far into the future and that you’re available next Friday for a hang.

She wants to meet your family. Does she ask about meeting all your friends, co-workers, or members of your family? If so, it’s because she really likes you and wants to know more about you, be a part of different areas of your life. If this freaks you out, it’s time to reassess.

She wants you to meet her family. She might say, “My sister really wants to meet you.” Or she might invite you to her parents for dinner? You may not take either of these gestures too seriously, but do know that they mean something special to her. Only take her up on these types of suggestions if you see long-term potential.

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