How to Make a Guy Feel Secure and Sexy in a Hookup

There is a lot of pressure on men in society to be a certain way. It all goes back to our primitive brains. Many guys want to be macho, in charge, on top and the best. Even if you’re just hooking up, making your lover feel secure will make for a hot and heavy good time, and more likely to come back for a second helping. Here are a few tips to follow, that will make a man feel sexy and secure…

Don’t talk about other hookups – Even if you both have the understanding that you’re dating other people at the same time, don’t brag about the hot sex you had the other night to your latest date. Make your guy feel special, even if you’re only going to be with him for just one night.

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Tell him he’s sexy (if you think so) – Find something to compliment him on. It could be his hot body, his sexy fashion style, or maybe his cunnilingus skills. Everyone likes compliments! “I always try to find one thing to compliment my date on,” says Nina Martinez, a community relationship manager for “It’s something I recommend to our members. It makes your date feel good and shows them that you’re thoughtful.”

Make eye contact during sex – An eye glance up during a blow job or a look back over your shoulder in doggy style position will go a long way. Eye contact during sex is really hot to some guys! Some hookups might find this too intimate, so it all depends on your unique relationship.

Talk about the sex acts you want to do with him – Keep him interested if you want to hook up again. Talk about something you’d like to do to him or with him during you next encounter. Maybe a special blow job trick you know, or something on the kinky side!

So make your guy feel special, no matter what the level of your relationship. Guys from a one-night stand to a more serious boyfriend will benefit from feeling secure!

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