How to Approach a Hook-Up Opportunity

How do you approach a date, when you’re meeting with the sole intention of hooking up? In my experience, lots of guys approach a first date with very little thought about anything but sex.

If a man says, “Hi, so when do we get to bone?” I will respond, “Well, unless an asteroid is heading straight for us, I think we have time to sit down and enjoy a few drinks.”

Sexual impatience is completely obvious and not always mutual. Here’s how to avoid such awkwardness.

Be Confident but Respectful

It’s okay to know what you want because confidence is sexy. Don’t be afraid to drop a few hints. Sit a little closer, look into her eyes, and tell her how hot she is. The key is to be clear about your intentions, but not overly explicit or raunchy.

Don’t make the whole evening all about her body and your dick. Try to enjoy yourself in the moment. Get to know her a bit, and let her get a feel for your personality. This is an essential part of feeling turned on for a lot of women.

Watch for the Signs

Pay attention to her body language. Does she move in closer when you do? Is she finding opportunities to touch you on your arm or leg? Is she smiling and touching her hair? These are all signs that your date might be physically attracted to you.

Never assume that just because you’re meeting with the intention of hooking up that it is actually going to happen. Your blind assurance and inability to read the situation, will most likely be interpreted as a red flag.

Keep an Open Mind

It’s important to leave room in your psyche for the possibility that you won’t end up balls deep in this woman who you just met. Maybe she’ll have a few drinks and be on her way? Maybe she’ll introduce you to a friend and you’ll end up having a threesome? Just kidding! That probably won’t happen.

Going in with an open mind will increase your chances of getting laid. You’ll come across as more relaxed and less desperate, which is absolutely the vibe you should be going for.

Don’t Rush It

Even the most casual of hookups can take time to play out. While one night stands might be popular with a lot of casual sex partners, not everyone is into them.

Don’t be afraid to just hang out on your first and even second dates. As long as you’re both on the same page, a few nonsexual dates doesn’t have to mean that you’re automatically entering into serious relationship territory. Sometimes a little anticipation can even make the sex hotter!

Prepare Just In Case

If there’s even the slightest chance that your date might come back to your place, make sure you’re ready! Put clean sheets on the bed, tidy up a bit, and make your place inviting.

Putting in that little bit of effort ahead of time will make you feel less stressed on the date, knowing that the stage is set for what you hope will be a super hot night.

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